‘Dragon Ball’: Is Ultra Ego Vegeta On Same Power Level As Beerus?

ultra ego Vegeta and Beerus
ultra ego Vegeta and Beerus

Vegeta has proven time and again why he is the most formidable opponent or rival Goku will ever face. He is one of the strongest characters in ‘Dragon Ball‘, including mortals as well as immortal characters. Vegeta and Goku have almost always had synonymous awakenings, such as when Goku unlocked Super Saiyan 1 and Vegeta followed. This cycle continues in the series.

However, their transformations differed when Goku unlocked Ultra Instinct and Vegeta attained Ultra Ego. Fans are curious if Ultra Ego Vegeta is just as powerful as Beerus considering he learned the form from him. Read to find out.

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What Is Ultra Ego?

Ultra Ego Vegeta

Ultra Ego is a form that is unique to Vegeta. It is a power that is derived from the gods of destruction and whilst other gods can use it, only Vegeta can transform into this form.

Upon utilizing this form, the user’s hair turns purple but his eyes remain black. In addition to that, he gains a purple fire-like aura around him which is similar to that of Super Saiyan 3. It is different from Ultra Instinct as Ultra Ego gives the user a complete boost in their abilities, especially their firepower whilst Ultra Instinct strengthens their defense.

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To use this form properly and efficiently, the user needs to enjoy the thrill of battle. Vegeta’s personality is perfectly suited for this form. Let’s find out if he is just as strong as the god of destruction Beerus in this particular form.

Is Ultra Ego Vegeta On The Same Power Level As Beerus?

Beerus teaching Vegeta

As was mentioned above, the concept of this form was taught to him by Beerus who is the god of destruction for universe 7. Vegeta first attained this form against Granolah and fans were shocked to see the power level of this form.

However, strong this form is, it still cannot defeat Beerus. Beerus is a god of destruction and has been for multiple years, this gives him more battle experience. In addition to that, he is also the strongest god of destruction and his true power has not been shown yet.

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Vegeta learned the form, but he still cannot use the powers of a god of destruction such as Hakai to its full efficiency. Beerus can use these powers with the utmost efficiency.

However, that is not to say that Vegeta may never be on the same level as him. With the right amount of training and exploring this form, Vegeta is quite possibly one of the few characters who can catch up to Beerus.

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