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    What Is Super Saiyan 4 Form In ‘Dragon Ball’? Is It Canon?

    The Saiyans in ‘Dragon Ball‘ has always shocked and pleased the viewers with their new and powerful transformations. The transformations started with Super Saiyan 1, which Goku attained and then others followed his path. The current most powerful transformation has to Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego which are Goku and Vegeta’s respectively.

    However, despite a more powerful transformation being revealed, one transformation remains a fan favorite, the Super Saiyan 4. Fans argue whether this form is canon or not. Let’s find out what this transformation is and if it is canon.

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    What Is Super Saiyan 4?

    Goku in Super Saiyan 4

    Super Saiyan 4 is a transformation that was introduced in ‘Dragon Ball GT‘. This transformation is a bit different from the rest as it requires certain conditions to be met before one can attain it.

    The Saiyan who wishes to utilize this form must have a tail and the ability to turn into a golden ape. Moreover, he needs to have control over his ape form and not be uncontrollable.

    This form cannot be accessed willingly, as, one needs to be exposed to Blutz waves each time they wish to transform with Goku being the exception as he seems to be able to turn into Super Saiyan 4 at will.

    In this form, the Saiyan’s hair color remains dark and the hair grows longer, almost to his back. Moreover, his eyelids get a shadow-like thing that varies in color for each, for instance, it was crimson for Vegeta. The Saiyan also has red fur covering his entire body and his height and build increase significantly and they revert to their original size and build upon losing the transformation.

    Is This Form Canon?

    Goku and Vegeta in Super Saiyan 4

    Dragon Ball GT‘ is the first anime in which this form was utilized. Goku was the first to use it, then Vegeta, and thereafter, their fusion known as Gogeta.

    This form is quite easily one of the fan favorites and they hope to see it more in the anime. But in a piece of bad news to them, this form is not canon and is unlikely to be seen in anime or manga. This is because this form is featured in ‘Dragon Ball GT‘ and while it is a part of the ‘Dragon Ball‘ series, it holds no relevance to the actual plot of the series.

    This is why whilst this form was featured in the anime, it is still not considered canon. This fact was proved as Dragon Ball Super does not introduce this form and rather gives divine powers to the Saiyans.

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