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    Who Is Doma In ‘Demon Slayer’? Why Is He Obsessed With Shinobu?

    In Demon Slayer anime, the world is divided into two parts – the demons and the demon hunters, with the normal people becoming victims of the former. Kibutsuji Muzan is the leader of the demon clans with 12 extremely powerful demons under him. He turns humans into demons either under the pretense of ‘helping’ or just torturing and killing them.

    These top 12 ranks of demons are known as the Upper Moon, and the Lower Moon respectively. The demon hunters led by Kagaya Ubuyashiki are in search of these demons. Their goal is to incapacitate them to lower the damage rate of human society. Even the, two upper-rank Hashiras were needed to even get a chance at defeating one of the Upper-Rank demons.

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    Who Is Doma In ‘Demon Slayer’?

    Demon Slayer - Doma
    Demon Slayer – Doma

    Doma is part of the Top 6 Upper-Rank demons of Muzan’s clan. He holds the position of rank 2 among them. As of can guess by his rank, he is tremendously powerful and a psychopath. Arguably, two Hashiras are required to bring down one Upper-Rank Demon. Not only is he of eccentric character, but he is also devoid of emotions. It is said that prior to becoming a demon, he was unable to understand and express emotions.

    He started acting jolly, cheerful, and overfriendly in order to hide this fact and deceive his followers. Doma has his own cult followers who often gather humans as a means of sacrifice to Doma. The humans are unaware of this fact and seek help from him, only to get devoured. According to Doma, he is not eating them, but rather ‘setting them free from misery.

    Often portrayed as an approachable character, his demeanor changes completely when Kanao insults him for not understanding emotions. He outright shows hostility and tries to kill her, forgoing his jolly personality. As he thinks of humans as lowly and pathetic beings, getting killed by them is an insult to him.

    He’s a psychopath and an apathetic being who enjoys torture. Two incidents we can take examples from would be – when Muzan punishes him for failing his mission, and when Shinobu tortures him with poison. He’s so happy that he says he can get used to ‘liking’ this kind of treatment. The conclusion we can come up with after all this is – Doma is a psycho.

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    Is Doma In Love With Shinobu?

    Demon Slayer - Doma and Shinobu
    Demon Slayer – Doma and Shinobu

    The only person he found beautiful and didn’t devour in his cult was Inosuke’s mother Kotoha. He found it a waste to kill her as he enjoyed her company. However, the very first emotion of love, was when he saw Shinobu. He thought Shinobu was a very cute person and openly proposed and expressed his love for her.

    It is comically shown that Doma is following Shinobu out of ‘love’ whereas the latter doesn’t hold back in showcasing her dislike. As it was his first true emotion felt as a demon/human so to say, Doma desperately wanted to hold onto it. His obsession with Shinobu thus became only stronger.

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