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    Who Is Joy Boy In ‘One Piece’? Is Luffy The Reincarnation Of Joy Boy?

    Although most of the ‘One Piece’ series is shrouded in mysteries and plot twists, the existence of Joy Boy is the ultimatum. His name and mysterious connection with the three legendary ancient weapons, the island of Raftel, and One Piece itself make the content interesting.

    Till now we have seen many references to Joy Boy as it all starts from Fishman Island. His name starts popping up every now and then, making the viewers all the more curious. Oda has done a magnificent job at world-building and plot connections, so we can only wait till he fully discloses the links to Joy Boy in the series.

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    Who Is Joy Boy?

    One Piece: Joy Boy
    One Piece: Joy Boy

    It is Robin from the Straw Hats crew who first announced the name Joy Boy. She first read it in a poneglyph during the Fishman Island Arc where she noted the connection between this mysterious figure with a promise made to Fishman Island. He couldn’t keep his promise to them and apologized for it.

    Furthermore, Noah is closely associated with Joy Boy. The Sea Kings even hint that until the promised day comes they’ll have to protect Noah. Joy Boy once again pops up during the Zou island trip where Zuneisha speaks about the individual.

    Joy Boy who is related to the Void Century of 800 years ago, is a mysterious figure who even the pirate king wanted to meet. Gold. D. Roger notes how he wished he could’ve been born during his reign. The World Government sure knows about it and maybe that’s why they restrained the knowledge of that century.

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    How Is Joy Boy Connected To Luffy?

    One Piece: Luffy's connection to Joy Boy
    One Piece: Luffy’s connection to Joy Boy

    Luffy has an eerie connection to Joy Boy. All the connections till now hinted towards his ties with the mysterious 800 years ago, making the viewers curious that maybe Luffy is Joy Boy indeed. The plot grows thicker at Zou Island. During his fight with Kaido, he states that it’s a pity that even Luffy is not the Joy Boy.

    Rather than Joy Boy being an individual, it seems more like it’s a will of a person. A person set to liberate the whole world and bring about changes is known as Joy Boy. When Luffy’s Devil fruit transformed into the Mythical Zoan fruit unleashing its true form, Luffy’s heartbeat symbolized the sound of liberation. It was also then that Zuneisha says that Joy Boy has finally returned.

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