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    What Are The Grand Prix and Palme d’Or Awards Given At The Cannes Film Festival?

    The 77th Cannes Film festival took place just a few days back and we saw celebs from all over the world walk the prestigious red carpet. One of the most honourable film festivals, it had its share of drama, moments of pride and achievements. This year was an exceptionally proud year for India. The first Indian movie in 30 years and the first ever by an Indian female director won the most prestigious award at Cannes. 

    Payal Kapadia’s ‘All We Imagine As Light’ won the Grand Prix at the 77th Cannes Film Festival. ‘Star Wars’ creator George Lucas also received the Palm d’Or award this year. So what are these prestigious awards that are given out every year at the Cannes Film festival? Let’s take a look. 

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    What Is The Palm d’Or? 

    George Lucas wins the Palm d'Or
    George Lucas wins the Palm d’Or

    The Palm d’Or when translated from French means Golden Palm. Introduced in 1955, it is now considered one of the most prestigious prizes in the film industry. The first ever Palm d’Or was awarded to Delbert Mann for his film ‘Marty’. The award is given to the director of the winning film every year. It is presented in a case of pure red Morocco leather lined with white suede.

    This year, Sean Baker took home the award for his film ‘Anora’. The decision is made every year by the jury of the film festival as to who would receive the award. A honorary Palm d’Or is also given to celebrate famous directors and actors. This year it was George Lucas who received the Palme des Palmes. Studio Ghibli also received the honorary Palm d’Or. 

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    What Is The Grand Prix? 

    Payal Kapadia wins the Grand Prix
    Payal Kapadia wins the Grand Prix

    The second most prestigious award at the Cannes Film festival, The Grand Prix is awarded by the jury to the winning feature film. The award was introduced in 1967. Andrei Tarkovsky, Bruno Dumont, Nuri Bilge Ceylan, and Matteo Garrone have won the award twice making it the highest.

    This year, Payal Kapadia took home the award for her film ‘All We Imagine As Light’. The first film to compete from India in 30 years, the film received a lot of praise after its premiere. Both the Grand Prix and the Palm d’Or are considered two of the most prestigious awards in the film industry. It is pure honour to be recognised with these awards at the Cannes Film festival. 

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