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    Adam Driver Hosts SNL For Fourth Time, Marks A Holiday Episode With Piano And Humor

    Star Wars’ fame Adam Driver hosted ‘Saturday Night Live’ (SNL) for the fourth time for the upcoming episode to be released this weekend. The charismatic actor brought together a unique combination of humor and musical talent as he took center stage on the SNL set.

    The 40-year-old actor also showcased his piano skills as he crafted his Christmas wishlist for Santa Claus. In another segment of the show, Driver also listed all his whimsical desires and read it out loud to the audience.

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    Adam Driver Voices His Whimsical Desires

    Adam Driver on SNL. (Image: SNL)

    The list, to the audience’s amusement, included five pairs of Chinos, a “giant metal Tesla truck,” and a tongue-in-cheek plea for Santa to deal with “those people” making couple TikToks pranking each other.

    He also slid in a Star Wars joke as he clarified that he did not kill Han Solo. “I’d like people to stop coming up to me on the streets saying, ‘You killed Han Solo.’ I didn’t kill Han Solo; wokeness killed Han Solo,” he said.

    Well Santa, thank you for listening. I look forward to you breaking into my house,” he said, as he concluded the festive segment with a complex musical outro. He ended the segment with a final complicated musical outro.

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    Drier Has Taken Stage On SNL Thrice In The Past

    Adam Driver and Olivia Rodriguez on SNL. (Image: SNL)

    He then added that he got Santa his present in his new movie ‘Ferrari‘, which releases on Christmas Day. The two-time Oscar nominee got on a funny flair as he portrayed several characters such as a sex offender contacted by an old high school friend, one half of a gay couple navigating parenthood, an obsessive holiday dinner host fixated on table space, and a clueless chocolatier confronted with an unintentionally phallic Santa sculpture.

    Before this episode, Driver made an appearance on the show in 2016. During this episode, he did a skit where he portrayed his Star Wars character Kylo Ren participating in ‘Undercover Boss: Where Are They Now‘.

    He returned in 2020, with Driver disguised as an intern named Randy. The episode also featured musician Olivia Rodrigo. Halsey also graced the stage with performances of ‘You Should Be Sad‘ and ‘Finally//Beautiful Stranger‘ from her 2020 album Manic.

    The episode of ‘Saturday Night Live‘ with Adam Driver on NBC at 11:30 pm ET.

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