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    Are Kylie Jenner And Jaden Smith Members Of A Cult? Orgonite Society Explained

    Cult is the only word that can scare the bejesus out of people as well as impede curiosity within them. While many celebrities have made headlines because of a bad breakup or a box-office collection, there are others who have claimed to be members of a discreet, unorthodox cult.

    It all began in 2014 when Kylie Jenner was seen holding a large crystal. As curious fans dug into it, a very intriguing detail about Jenner’s life was disclosed. The model was linked to a cult called Orgonite Society along with her then-boyfriend Jaden Smith. What is Orgonite Society all about? Are Kylie Jenner and Jaden Smith still a part of the cult? Keep reading to find out about it.

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    Did Jaden Smith Expose Kylie Jenner To Orgonite Society Cult?

    Jaden Smith and Kylie Jenner part of Orgonite
    Jaden Smith and Kylie Jenner part of Orgonite

    In 2014, Kylie Jenner went viral over the media for sharing a photo of her hand holding a large crystal in the shape of a pyramid. It turns out the crystal is an orgonite, which is a human-made crystal that allegedly has healing powers. The beauty mogul is not the only celebrity to be affiliated with the Orgonite Society. In 2014, she was reportedly introduced to the cult by Jaden Smith, her then-boyfriend, and his sister Willow Smith.

    The ex-couple and their privileged teenage group were soo into this activity that they created a secret group called A Secret Society Of Individuals Who Create And Place Orgonite To Balance Gaia’s Energies or simply The Orgonite Society. In the same years, Willow also shared a photo of herself, her brother, and friends constructing their own crystals, tagging Orgonite Society in the post.

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    What Exactly Is Orgonite Society?

    Dr. Wihelm Reich
    Dr. Wihelm Reich

    Rumored to be a sex-cult Orgonite Society received a lot of attention when Jaden Smith and Kylie Jenner were exposed to be a part of the cult. An Orgonite is a crystal that is a mix of natural and man-made ingredients, known to cleanse energies and auras along with cure headaches.

    The Orgnoite Society is based on the work of Dr. Wihelm Reich, an Austrian psychotherapist who is a student of Sigmund Freud. Dr. Reich had a fixation on the relationship he believed exists between physical health and sexual ability. According to a source, Dr. Reich believed that “libido was strong, and orgasms were uninhibited, then a person could reach their physical and societal prime — they would just thrive”.

    Dr. Wihelm Reich is one controversial professor who escaped America after escaping Nazi Germany, bringing his revolutionary methods of therapy and medicine with him. Reich was a student of Sigmund Freud and was overly obsessed with the relationship between one’s physical health and one’s sexual urges. Reich argued that if “libido was powerful, and orgasms were uninhibited, then a person could reach their physical and societal prime — they would just thrive”. By welding and riffing off the words orgasm and organism, he coined his own phrase, “orgones”, which later became Orgonite Society.

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