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    Who Is Bella Hadid’s Boyfriend, Adan Banuelos? How Did They Meet?

    Bella Hadid, the model with the perfect face has been lacking perfection in one factor of her life. Now thanks to mom Yolanda Hadid, the runway queen has found herself a dashing equestrian. 

    27-year-old Bella’s heart has been captured by a down-to-get-dirty cowboy with an impressive equestrian legacy. Whoever knows the model knows the love she has for horses so to fall for a horseman didn’t seem like that out of sorts. 

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    Yolanda Hadid: The Matchmaker For Bella Hadid

    Bella Hadid and Boyfriend Adan Banuelos
    Bella Hadid and her Boyfriend Adan Banuelos

    Bella Hadid and her new beau Adan Banuelos seem deeply in love, leaving family and friends and most importantly the fans in awe of the supermodel’s newfound happiness. According to ET, a source described Bella’s horseman as a “hard-working real cowboy and champion cutter.” 

    Being inducted into the National Cutting Horse Association Riders Hall of Fame, Banuelos boasts a rich history in the world of horse riding. The source reveals further sharing that “Bella loves how supportive Adan is of her career and fits into her life. The two always have a great time together and find comfort in the simple things. Bella’s mom.”

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    Bella Hadid And Adan Banuelos’ Relationship

    Bella Hadid and Boyfriend Adan Banuelos
    Bella Hadid and Adan Banuelos

    The supermodel made the love affair with her cowboy Instagram official last month. Now in a throwback, the runway star is giving more glimpses into her 27th birthday which was on October 9. Bella’s country lover can be spotted in the pictures shared by her. The pair seemed deep in love with fingers intertwined and gazes locking.

    The appeal of this connection is not that invisible as Adan is a respected figure in the horse riding industry. He clinched the National Cutting Horse Association’s Futurity Open Championship in 2020 and became the first-ever American Performance Horseman cutting champion in 2023.

    Interestingly, Bella’s past aspirations of Olympic equestrian glory which were crushed due to her struggle with Lyme disease, align seamlessly with Banuelos’. This new love story unfolds like a charming rodeo, proving that sometimes, the perfect match can be found in the simplest of places so go on that blind date your mom set up for you.

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