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    Britney Spears Is “Continuing To Flex Her Freedom And Moving On” After Setting Divorce With Sam Asghari

    Britney Spears is finally officially free from her marriage with Sam Asghari as the couple has settled their divorce and is continuing to move on after the marriage.

    The settlement comes months after the divorce was finalized, with claims of several indecencies, including infidelity on their part. Britney also released a tell-all memoir where fans expected to read more details about their marriage but surprisingly, nothing negative was written. As of now, the divorce has finally been settled. Here’s what it means for the ex-couple.

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    Britney Spears And Sam Asghari Reach Divorce Settlement

    Britney Spears and Sam Asghari
    Britney Spears and Sam Asghari

    Sources have reported that the divorce was amicable and there’s no drama from any side. According to PEOPLE, “The divorce was amicable and the prenup was not challenged. Britney is continuing to flex her freedom and is moving on.” The insider also made it clear that contrary to earlier rumors, Spears is neither paying Asghari’s rent nor being on his current lease.

    According to court papers, the divorce happened due to “irreconcilable differences that have led to the irremediable breakdown of the marriage, making it impossible for the parties to live together as husband and wife.” 

    Due to California law, which has a minimum six-month waiting period, Britney and Asghari will be officially single on December 2, 2024.

    After the divorce, the couple has continued to speak well about each other and have insisted more than once that there isn’t any drama. However, there have been claims of Britney being unfaithful to him and also being physically abusive towards him. While none of this has been proven, it seems to be one of the main reasons why the marriage fell apart.

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    Reasons Behind The Couple Breaking Up

    Britney Spears and Sam Asghari
    Britney Spears and Sam Asghari

    The divorce happened as a result of “a nuclear argument that involve[d] allegations of cheating,” according to TMZ‘s sources.

    According to many people with “direct knowledge,” Asghari confronted Spears approximately a week ago over reports that she had cheated on him, as reported by the outlet. Many sources also confirmed that Britney’s behavior was erratic and Asghari was finding it hard to handle it. On one occasion, he was seen with bruise marks and rumours ensued that Britney abused him physically.

    After she released her memoir, fans were surprised to see that nothing negative about Asghari was written in the book. This confirmed that the divorce was amicable as Asghari too came forward to speak about his former marriage, and it was all good.

    “It was a blessing to be able to share life with someone for a long time. And people grow apart and people move on,” he said in March. “I’ve always hated people leaving a certain relationship — and at some point they told each other they love each other and they sat at the same table and ate food [together] — so I never understood when people part ways [and] they talk badly about each other. That’s something I’m never going to do because I had nothing but an amazing experience and a great life, and that’s always going to be part of my life, a chapter of my life.”

    As of now, both of them are focusing on their careers and personal lives as Asghari continues to model for brands and Britney continues to focus on her well-being.

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