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    Cher Is Proud Of Boyfriend Alexander Edwards For “Finishing” The Fight Between Travis Scott And Tyga

    The feuds between rappers in Hollywood have become a common sight these days. With Drake and Kendrick Lamar already feuding hard, Cardi B and BIA have also just joined the tribe. Another duo that made it to the headlines for supposedly having an altercation during the Cannes Film Festival this year was rapper and music executive Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards, and Travis Scott.

    The two reportedly had an altercation at a Cannes Film Festival after-party attended by Tyga. Days after the feud, Cher is defending her boyfriend Edwards on social media. Here’s what she said.

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    Cher Is Proud Of Her Boyfriend Who Finished The Fight He Did Not Start

    Cher and Alexander
    Cher and Alexander

    Cher took to Twitter to express her pride in her boyfriend, the gay icon Alexander Edward, on the first day of Pride Month. “I’m Proud of Alexander,” Cher wrote on X. “He Didn’t Start The fight against 2 Men,… He finished it, Gotta Love Him.”

    Edwards and Cher were at nightclub owner Richie Akiva’s ‘THE AFTER‘ party on May 23, held at a private villa after the AmfAR Gala. The altercation reportedly occurred when Scott and Tyga, who is a friend of Edwards, were onstage behind the DJ booth.

    While the specifics of who started the fight or the reasons behind are unclear, what adds a layer of intrigue to the fight is the fact that both Scott and Tyga have had romantic relationships with Kylie Jenner. Travis Scott also shares two children with her.

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    What Started The Fight And How Did Alexander Edwards Get Involved?

    Alexander Edwards and Travis Scott
    Alexander Edwards and Travis Scott

    While the details of this fight and how exactly Edwards got involved in it still remains unclear, an eyewitness told Entertainment Tonight that Edwards was trying to defuse the situation when one of Scott’s friends pushed him.

    Edwards pushed back, which led forced Scott to retaliate and her pushed Edwards off the stage. Edwards then retaliated by “dragging Scott across the stage and eventually throwing him off.”

    As Cher has put it, Edwards “finished” the fight. No serious injuries were reported during the fight.

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