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    “I Went To The Toilet Mainly To Headbutt The Wall”: Robbie Williams Recalls Being ‘Rude’ To Cher In An Airport

    Singer-songwriter Robbie Williams seems to have a few regrets when it comes to his brief encounter with songstress Cher. While the two musical heroes interacted, things went south and as Williams recalls it, ended in a way he wishes he could turn back time.

    Taking to Instagram to talk about that unfortunate moment, Williams shared the story with fans and they all shared reactions to it.

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    Robbie Williams’ Encounter With Cher

    Cher and Robbie Williams
    Cher and Robbie Williams

    Recalling a brief interaction he had with Cher, Robbie Williams gave fans all the details of a memorable moment he shared with the singer. There was, however, one catch: Robbie, as he recalls, was rude to her.

    Writing on Instagram, he said, “Yesterday I Met Cher. We were at the same airport terminal. Our mutual friend introduced us. My social awkwardness kicked in of course. I wanted to make the interaction as painless as possible for her. Looking for a natural break or ending in the conversation I made my excuses to go sit down. This was not for me but for her. Alas, I don’t think Cher had finished talking which made my exiting our brief interaction seem rude. Of course, I will think of this moment periodically for the next 25 years. *in head when im beating myself up at 4 am in the morning * ‘And remember that time you were rude to Cher?’”

    He then added, “As I was leaving, I blew a big kiss and said, ‘Buy well and Barter, make sure you barter.’ Cher looked confused and I went to the toilet mainly to headbutt the wall, lamenting my stupidity.”

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    Cher Is Living Her Best Life


    In 2023, Cher confirmed that she was in fact recording and would put out new music. Talking about it she said, “I’m going to England to make two albums. Some of the songs Alexander gave me, so I’m pretty excited about that. He’s a producer and a writer and he does everything, so I’m happy about that.”

    Not just professionally, she is also having a wonderful romantic life while she continues to date Alexander Edwards who is four decades younger than her. As a producer, he too helps her in making music and has worked on some songs of hers she released earlier.

    As of now, Cher hasn’t set a date for new music but considering her being out of public life, she might be getting ready to return to the singing scene.

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