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    “I Attacked Her Like Halloween Candy”: Norman Reedus Talks About Getting Starstruck By Cher And ‘Geeking Out’ In Front Of Her

    Very few people would stand straight if encountered by Cher, and Norman Reedus definitely isn’t one of them. In a candid and entertaining revelation, the ‘The Walking Dead,‘ actor recently opened up about one of his most memorable celebrity encounters.

    Reedus opened up about an unforgettable moment when he found himself starstruck by none other than the legendary Cher. Sharing the excitement and surreal experience of meeting the iconic diva, proving that even the stars have their own starry-eyed moments, here’s everything that Reedus said about his first meeting with Cher.

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    Norman Reedus Talks About His First Meeting With Cher

    Cher and Norman Reedus
    Cher and Norman Reedus

    Talking to Jimmy Kimmel about a memorable moment meeting Cher, Norman Reedus said, “There’s so many episodes of Ride where they say, ‘Who’s your dream guest?’ And I say, ‘Cher.’ I’ve said it like, 85 times,” Reedus explained, alluding to his motorcycle travel series. “And then she showed up last night and I’m sitting there, I have my arm around Austin [Butler] and Jodie [Comer], and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, that’s Cher.’ I was like, ‘Look, look, that’s Cher.’” 

    He then continued, “Jodie goes, ‘Oh, you love her,’ because I was talking about her [when] we did one of the press things. And I go, ‘Should I go over there?’ And she goes, ‘No, no!’ And I went, ‘No!’ And I ran over there.” Reedus then mimics how he started speaking gibberish after seeing Cher. He adds, “I attacked her like Halloween candy. I was like, boom!” He said. “I think I was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m a big fan.’”

    The actor also added that Cher was with her boyfriend, Alexander Edwards, saying, “She was with her boyfriend who was very nice, but then I heard he got in a fight with somebody recently and so I immediately was like, ‘Nice to meet you sir.’ She was so sweet. She was like, ‘Oh, we’re big fans.’ I was like, oh, yeah, right, whatever. I was geeking out a little bit.”

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    Cher And Alexander Edwards

    Cher and Alexander
    Cher and Alexander

    Cher and Alexander share a 40 year age gap, something that had attracted quite a lot of controversies, but th couple have stayed strong despite it all. The 37-year-old music producer and the 77-year-old star went public with their relationship in November 2022.

    Edwards currently works as a music executive with Universal Music Group, one of the three largest record labels in the business. He has also worked with Tyga on his new records and is one of the rapper’s closest friends.

    Edwards also worked with Cher on her first ever holiday album ‘Christmas‘, proving that he is not just a huge factor of her personal life, but also her professional life.

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