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    Cher Follows Britney Spears’ Father’s Step By Filing For Conservatorship Of Her Son Elijah

    Cher has been a force in the music industry, and she reigned over the industry with her immense talent and ageless demeanor. However, over the years, the songstress has faced multiple bumps in her personal life. Her personal life has been turbulent due to a troubled marriage and strained relationships with her sons, Chaz and Elijah.

    Cher had two children from her former partners, Gregg Allman and Sonny Bono. The ‘Believe’ singer had Chaz with her late husband Sonny, and she had Elijah with Gregg. However, she had very tumultuous relationships with both of them. Cher and Chaz’s relationship had friction due to his sexuality, and Elijah’s substance abuse issues have created a rift between them. So, she has chosen to put him under conservatorship like Britney’s father.

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    Cher Wants To Be Sole Conservator Of Elijah’s Estate Due To His Substance Abuse

    Cher is worried about Elijah's substance abuse issue affecting the assets
    Cher is worried about Elijah’s substance abuse issue affecting the assets

    After rumors about Cher sending men to Elijah’s hotel room for intervention, the songstress has filed for conservatorship to take control of his resources.

    Cher filed for conservatorship in Los Angeles’ Superior Court as she wants to be the sole conservator of the estate he will be receiving from the trust as he is “substantially unable to manage his financial resources.”

    As per the documents, Elijah Blue Allman will be receiving assets from the trust as the year-end is approaching, and a conservator is “urgently needed… to protect Elijah’s property from loss or injury” as he is not in the state to handle the assets due to “severe mental health and substance abuse issues.”

    The ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’ singer is concerned that if he is handed the assets, Elijah will spend them completely on drugs, “leaving Elijah with no assets to provide for himself and putting Elijah’s life at risk.”

    Marieangela, Elijah’s estranged wife, is not the right fit as a conservator due to “their tumultuous relationship has been marked by a cycle of drug addiction and mental health crises.”

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    The Songstress Talked About Drug Problems With Her Children

    Cher openly talked about her sons' struggles with drugs like their fathers
    Cher openly talked about her sons’ struggles with drugs like their fathers

    Cher has had a very disturbing life since childhood, as she has come across people who have been addicted to substances. Her father was a drug addict. When she married Gregg Allman, he admitted to her that he was a narcotic addict. Sonny Bonno, who died during a skiing accident, also had a drug problem. Nothing changed after she had kids, as they also turned to substance abuse.

    During an interview for Vanity Fair, Cher talked about her drug problems with her loved ones when she was miles away from them. She said, “It’s weird, because both of my children had the same drug problems as their fathers—same drug of choice. My father was a heroin addict, and my sister’s father was an alcoholic. But it jumped us.”

    Cher added, “I did not do drugs because of moral issues. I tried a couple of drugs, but I never felt good out of control.”

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