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    “The Twin Thing Can Become A Circus Act If…”: Cole Sprouse Reveals His One Condition To Reunite With His Brother Dylan Sprouse On Screen 

    Do you remember the good old days of Disney when all the little girls collectively swooned over two brothers who lived on a boat and looked exactly alike? What can a girl do to get Dylan Sprouse and Cole Sprouse together in a writer’s room?  

    The Sprouse twins, famed for their roles as Disney’s Iconic twin brothers Cody and Zack Martin, said goodbye to their ‘Suite Life’ in 2011. Since then both the stars have grown in their respective careers. Cole, playing another iconic character in CW’s ‘Riverdale’ and Dylan Sprouse becoming the next BookTok hero. 

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    Exploring The Twin Dynamic: A Reunion Brewing?

    Cole and Dylan Sprouse ( Image: Disney)
    Cole and Dylan Sprouse ( Image: Disney)

    Recently during a Men’s Health interview, Cole lit a match of hope for the Suite Life fans by saying that the idea of a joint project is “not off the table.” The ‘Five Feet Apart’ star shares insights into discussions with his twin brother about collaborating once again. The actor acknowledges the challenge of avoiding clichés when it comes to twin roles. The twins aim for substance beyond the typical synchronized twin antics.

    The ‘Lisa Frankenstein’ star stated, “A lot of the stuff that’s twin-y is pretty lame; the twin thing can become a circus act if it’s not done well.” He continued, “And honestly, most of the time when it is done well, it’s usually one actor trying to show off by playing both twins.”

    The other brother Dylan has also talked about working alongside his brother. In a 2020 interview with HollywoodLife, he said, “It would have to be right. A lot of the times when they want to cast my brother and I, it’s really st*pid sh**. So it would have to be something good and tasteful.”

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    Cole Sprouse Recalls A Disastrous Audition That Turned Into A Fistfight

    Young Cole and Dylan Sprouse
    Young Cole and Dylan Sprouse

    Further into the conversation with Men’s Health, the Sprouse brother recalls an audition blunder from their early days. So the duo was attempting to land roles as Thing One and Thing Two in ‘The Cat in the Hat’.

    The 31-year-old said, “We showed up to this dance studio, and our mom had put us in these Thing One and Thing Two outfits to try and get the gig, and it was horrible. The casting directors were like, ‘Go wild.’ That was their only direction, because that’s what Thing One and Thing Two do—they just go apesh**.” 

    The 7-year-old Sprouse brothers ended up in an unexpected fistfight as he continued, “We broke a mirror on one of the walls of the dance studio. It was one of maybe the worst callback auditions we’ve ever done but one of the ones that stick out the most. Needless to say, we did not get the part.”

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