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    “Couldn’t Believe How Hard It Was To Find Quality Coffee In LA”: Sofia Vergara Launches Her Coffee Brand Inspired By “Personal Necessity”

    Sofía Vergara has managed to make it big as an actress in Hollywood with her prominent fame as a beloved character from ‘Modern Family’, as well as the face of the Netflix crime drama ‘Griselda‘. However, she seemingly does not plan on just stopping at that. The actress is venturing into a business inspired by her personal needs.

    Vergara is inviting fans to kickstart their mornings with a taste of Colombian coffee. The 51-year-old star is venturing into the coffee industry with her new line, ¡Díos Mio! Coffee. Here’s what is unique about this coffee and what inspired her to take up the venture.

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    Sofía Vergara Invites Fans To Try The Columbian ‘¡Díos Mio! Coffee’

    Sofía Vergara
    Sofía Vergara

    Sofía Vergara opened up about her latest business venture in an interview with People. Her coffee brand’s name ‘¡Díos Mio! Coffee’ literally translates to “my God!” in Spanish. The name reflects a common expression used by Latinos when savoring the perfect flavor, according to a press release.

    Speaking about the same during the interview, Vergara said, “Creating ¡DÍOS MIO! came from personal necessity — I have a very high bar when it comes to my coffee, and I couldn’t believe how hard it was to find quality coffee where I live in LA.”

    She said she collaborated with the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia to ensure authenticity. Her effort resulted in three unique blends in her coffee, including sweetness, balance, and strength. All these elements have been crafted from genuine Colombian beans, each blend honoring different “qualities and characteristics of Colombian women,” as per the release.

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    Sofía Vergara Explains The Significance Of Each Blend Of Her Coffee Brand

    Sofía Vergara
    Sofía Vergara

    Sofía Vergara shared her excitement about the project as well as her source of inspiration. “It’s exciting to highlight the female coffee growers in Colombia who work tirelessly and meticulously at what they do. Drinking and enjoying coffee has long been a tradition in our everyday lives and I love that we can finally share ¡DÍOS MIO!” she said.

    She added that the Sweetness blend is a light roast inspired by a grandmother’s hug, which will offer a “smooth, fruity cup” with a “hint of acidity.” The medium roast, Balance, has flavors of nuts, white chocolate, and brown sugar, inspired by women who “balance work, family, and passion for coffee.”

    The dark roast, Strength, is a homage to the powerful “Colombian women in coffee farming,” with hints of cocoa and smoky flavor from “excessive caramelization.” All three blends are available as whole beans, ground beans, K-Cups, and Nespresso pods. Coffee enthusiasts can order them online from or the ¡Díos Mio! website.

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