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    “I Was In So Much Pain”: Courteney Cox Reveals Her Fiancé Johnny McDaid Dumped Her During First Therapy Session And Explains Why Their Relationship Is Stronger Now

    The popular TV show ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ actress Courteney Cox recently opened up about her personal life. During the ‘Minnie Questions‘ podcast, Cox revealed that Snow Patrol band member and long-time partner Johnny McDaid broke up with her during their first joint therapy.

    Cox started dating Johnny McDaid back in 2013 after she met him through his friend Ed Sheeran. In 2014, they broke the news of being engaged however ended it in 2019 but continued their relationship.

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    Courtney Cox Reveals She Didn’t See The Breakup With Johnny McDaid Coming

    Courtney Cox and Johnny McDaid (1)
    Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid

    Courteney Cox revealed that they went for therapy to talk about their boundaries and things they can bear about each other. However, during the first minute of the therapy, McDaid broke up with Cox which caught her literally off-guard.

    She said, “I was like, ‘What? I was so shocked, I was in so much pain. I also don’t like surprises. And he’s an incredible human being, so he wasn’t trying to surprise. He was in that much pain in the relationship.”

    She continued, “There was that much that needed to be dealt with that he had to protect himself around his heart. So as opposed to like going, ‘F— him,’ getting in this mode of anger, I leaned in and I did the most work on myself by far.”

    According to Courtney, what he did was brave and indeed helped their relationship take a new fold. Cox added, “I learned how to reclaim my voice, boundaries, what were my motives in life – like what was my part in this. I’m so thankful for that break-up because a, when we got back together it was a different relationship, but also because it really taught me how I operated in the world – what were the things from my childhood that I needed.”

    Courteney claims to have great relationship dynamics with James now. According to her, this incident also prepared her to face anything difficult because nothing will hurt more than this.

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    Why Courteney Cox’s Marriage With David Arquette Fell Apart

    Courtney Cox and David Arquette
    Courteney Cox and David Arquette

    Courteney Cox met her ex-husband David Arquette during the shoot of 1996’s Scream. They played the role of a couple and later transitioned from their reel relationship to a real one.

    The couple got engaged in 1998 and got married the very next year in 1999. All her co-stars from ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S‘ attended the ceremony including Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow and her on-screen husband, the late Matthew Perry.

    Five years after their marriage, they welcomed their first and only child CoCo Arquette. In 2010, their marriage got a little bumpy. Courtney revealed that they went to couples therapy, however, things didn’t go well and they separated later that year.

    Two years after getting separated, they filed for divorce. Both Cox and Arquette tried to make things work out but not everything went as planned. Recently, they appeared together in the 6th installment of ‘Scream’.

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