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    “Daywalkers Make It Look Easy, Don’t They?”: ‘Blade’ Star Wesley Snipes Shades Marvel For Hurdles In Making Of Film’s Reboot

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe has ventured into the darker side of superhero movies with Blade. The vampire superhero movie was a big hit when it was released in 1998. Following the first film, two more movies were released- ‘Blade 2’ and ‘Blade Trilogy’. Now, Marvel has taken up the project of a reboot of the franchise. 

    However, the production house has been facing several drawbacks. Wesley Snipes, the lead of the 1998 movies, took to X to shade MCU on their ‘Blade’ reboot troubles. The latest drawback is the loss of the director for the second time. And Wesley has made the best of the opportunity to slam MCU on social media. 

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    What Did Wesley Snipes Write On Social Media? 

    Wesley Snipes in 'Blade'
    Wesley Snipes in ‘Blade’

    Wesley Snipes took to social media to shade MCU after the director for ‘Blade’ reboot left the project for the second time. Wesley took to X to write, “Blade, lordylordylordy. Folks still lookin for the secret sauce, ridin snowmobiles in traffic, kinda rough.” He added, “Daywalkers make it look easy, don’t they?

    Wesley Snipes referred to his role in the movie as a half-vampire vampire hunter with the ability to walk in the daylight, thanks to his human side. Snipes’ character, Blade, embarks on a mission to save humanity from the evil vampires’ scheme to unleash the blood god La Magra. 

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    What Problems Is ‘Blade’ Reboot Production Facing?


    As reported by Entertainment Weekly, filmmaker Yann Demange quit the film recently. Reportedly, his exit comes after many behind-the-scenes changes were announced since the project was first unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con in 2019. This is the second time a director has exited the film. 

    Before this, filmmaker Bassam Tariq was in the director’s chair for the reboot. A release date of 3 November 2023 was also set for the film. However, Tariq exited the film sharing on Instagram that he’s “eager to support and see how the next director builds on the foundation”. He has since joined as an executive producer. 

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