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    Ethan Hawke Reveals Why He Hated Being Gen X Poster Boy

    Ethan Hawke is an actor, a film director, and an author. He gained notability through his performance inDead Poets Society. The actor also makes headlines for his iconic roles and now he is making headlines for his role in the 1994 show, ‘Reality Bites’.

    ‘Reality Bites’ was a film that featured Winona Ryder, Ethan Hawke, and Ben Stiller in the lead roles. Hawke recently in an interview shared how he was considered as then-image of Gen X. The actor revealed he used to get annoyed for being the poster boy of Gen X.

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    “There Was A Time When It Annoyed Me”: Ethan Hawke On His Gen X Image

    Reality Bites
    Reality Bites

    Ethan Hawke did not like being associated with one of his iconic roles from his 1994 show, ‘Reality Bites’. During an interview with PEOPLE, the actor, 53, gets nostalgic about his role in the series that was about the recent college graduates which set the foundation for Hawke as the Generation X star.

    The actor was annoyed by his image and said, “There was a time when it annoyed me because I was worried it was going to somehow be prohibitive to growing up, but now I kind of love it. I like Gen X.”

    Further, Hawke also talked about the director of the series who later turned out to be one of the best directors of his generation. Talking about Ben (The Director) Ethan Hawke said, “I think he’s brilliant, and that was his first film, and that movie exists as kind of a great — I’m proud of it as it’s representative of its moment.”

    Even after being the poster guy and the Gen X star from ‘Reality Bites‘, people didn’t recognize him from that role. They used to associate him with his role in ‘Moon Knight‘, a Marvel superhero series. Hawke said, “The weird thing about my career is there’s certain people that just think I’m the guy from Moon Knight.”

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    Hawke Remembers “Everything” From His Early Movie Experiences

    Ethan Hawke
    Ethan Hawke

    Further in the interview, Hawke talked about how people only used to recognize him from ‘Dead Poets Society‘ and has done only this project in his career. He said, “There’s a certain connectivity between the Reality Bites fans and the Before trilogy fans, and then I have horror movie fans that [know] Sinister or Black Phone, they don’t know I was in another movie”. 

    He added, “And I’ll get the odd person that doesn’t think I’ve done anything with my life since Dead Poets Society.”

    Later, he also talked about his early experiences in the movies and says that he remembers “everything” from those times. He is passionate about his acting career and is grateful for the opportunity given to him.

    He concluded, “They were so pivotal when you’re young like that and getting an opportunity to do what you dreamed of doing and every day. It’s how I imagine what an athlete might feel about their first professional season“. Hawke also added, “Sometimes you can’t believe how much of every game they remember.”

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