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    ‘Get Me The F*** Outta Here’: Dwayne Johnson Refuses To Ever Run Like Action Star Tom Cruise

    Dwayne Johnson and Tom Cruise have accumulated a huge fanbase over the years for their flawless works on screen. While Cruise is famous for his performance in ‘Mission: Impossible’ films, Johnson has gained recognition for ‘Fast & Furious.’

    While both the actors remain in the spotlight for different reasons, a new report has been getting the attention of the internet. Tom Cruise has been spotted running in his movies and this is the reason why Dwayne Johnson’s running in ‘Rampage’ was compared to Cruise.

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    Dwayne Johnson Clarifies The Reasons Behind Not Running Like Tom Cruise

    Dwayne Johnson was told on set that he was running like Tom Cruise

    It must be noted that Dwayne Johnson and Tom Cruise have different running styles. Addressing the running scene in ‘Rampage’, Johnson said that while he shot the sequence, one of the producers said that he was running as Cruise does in his movies.

    Johnson added: “I said stop the music right there. Nope. Cruise runs like 6 o’clock. Straight up and down, arms tight to the body like an offensive player running for the end zone. This is the run for a defensive headhunter. Forward lean, stride long, arms open and pumping. Intense eyes fixated on the target which my warrior ancestors lovingly referred to as your head.”

    Johnson also mentioned that the running form is known as ‘Get me the f*ck outta here’ because there is a huge beast that is trying to eat him and he just wanted to get back to his home.

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    ‘Rampage’ Sequel Status Update

    The sequel for ‘Rampage’ has been in talks for a long time

    Currently, there are no updates available on the development of the sequel for ‘Rampage.’ Dwayne Johnson spoke about a potential sequel in 2017 and director Brad Peyton was also eager to make one.

    Peyton had once stated that there was a concept for the sequel’s plot and Johnson said that he would like to work with Peyton again due to their successful collaborations in the past. Producer Hiram Garcia said in 2021 that Warner Bros. wants a sequel but it has been delayed for other projects.

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