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    “He Screwed Us All”: Brad Pitt Blamed Robert De Niro For His ‘Impending Mid-life Crisis’ During ‘Troy’

    One of the most difficult and risky things that an actor has to perform is definitely stunts. While many take the help of stunt doubles, few also prefer to do it themselves. Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt belong to the latter group. The ‘World War Z’ star has suffered injuries many times as well. One such instance was while filming ‘Troy’

    However, the actor later confessed that he did not like his performance in the movie. Brad Pitt feels that his willingness to do life-threatening stunts in that film was partly due to Robert De Niro. He felt the pressure of physical transformations since De Niro had set the bar so high.

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    Brad Pitt Was Intimidated By Robert De Niro Setting The Bar Too High

    Brad Pitt
    Brad Pitt

    The preparation for his role in ‘Troy’ was both mentally and physically challenging for Brad Pitt. The actor felt that Robert De Niro had set the bar too high for actors with his physical transformations. 

    The physical part is very visual and obvious from the beginning, but truly, it’s what we do. You change your hair, and you learn a new dialect. You put on what you put on to find the character,” Pitt said to Blackfilm.

    “It’s really no different than what we do. Ever since (Robert) De Niro put on 60 pounds for Raging Bull, he sort of set the course. He screwed us all,” Pitt added jokingly. Pitt is talking about Robert De Niro’s role as boxing champion Jake LaMotta in Martin Scorsese’s 1980 film. 

    Due to the rigorous prep and injuries, Pitt said, “I really hit it hard. Probably an impending mid-life crisis.”

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    Brad Pitt Confessed He Wasn’t Satisfied With His Performance In ‘Troy’

    Brad Pitt in 'Troy'
    Brad Pitt in ‘Troy’

    In 2019, the ‘Fight Club’ star talked about being disappointed about his role in ‘Troy’. “It was really a turn on Troy. I was disappointed in it. When you’re trying to figure things out in your career, you get a lot of advice. People are telling you that you should be doing this, and other people are saying you should be doing that,” Pitt said in an interview. 

    So I was put in Troy. It wasn’t painful, but I realized that the way that movie was being told was not how I wanted it to be. I made my own mistakes in it,” Pitt added. However, he said that it drove him crazy not being able to “get out of the middle of the frame.”

    Brad Pitt felt that ‘Troy’ was being commercialized too much. “But somewhere in it, Troy became a commercial kind of thing. Every shot was like, Here’s the hero! There was no mystery,” he explained. Pitt struggled with the movie a lot even injuring his Achilles tendon while filming. 

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