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    “Her Entire Vag Is Out, Help!”: Twitter Reacts To Julia Fox’s Extremely Low-Rise Pants

    The one-of-a-kind sense of style possessed by Julia Fox is once again the topic of discussion on the internet; this time, the topic at hand is her unusually low-rise jeans.

    Fox has been a strong proponent for the return of the low-rise, and lest we forget those leather trousers, which she was regularly spotted wearing throughout the length of her relationship with Kanye West, she has been a huge advocate for the return of the low-rise.

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    The Internet Is Confused By Julia Fox’s Very Low-Rise Pants

    Julia Fox
    Julia Fox

    Fox wore what may be considered her most audacious appearance to date when she went out in New York City on Friday 22 July. The ‘Uncut Gems’ actress was seen wearing black matte leather pants with exposed patchwork stitching in one of the photos.

    Fox’s whole midsection as well as the area around her mons pubis were exposed as the front of the pants were cut into a severe V shape.

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    She accessorized the provocative number with a black top in the manner of a bikini, black sunglasses, pointed-toe boots, and a leather purse that matched the dress.

    She was accompanied by the star of ‘Selling Sunset,’ Christine Quinn, who wore a yellow off-the-shoulder ruffled dress by Aknvas. The garment had cut-outs at the waist and the back. Diamond jewelry and a silver Balenciaga purse were Quinn’s chosen accessories for the evening.

    Her outlandish style choices have continued to dominate headlines since she went to the grocery store wearing only her underwear and a pair of denim boots, as well as the time she showed her Instagram followers how to make a cropped bandeau top out of the waistband of an old pair of jeans.

    Twitter Reacts To Julia Fox Wearing Low-Rise Pants

    On July 22, the actress shared a picture of herself in which she was wearing trousers with a very low rise, which caused a stir on the social media. Some were able to find the humor in the predicament, while others were filled with righteous indignation. whereas others were not very thrilled by what they saw.

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