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    How Much Money Does Ariana Grande Need To Pay Dalton Gomez During Divorce Settlement?

    Singer Ariana Grande is one of the talked personalities in Hollywood and her separation from Dalton Gomez has been making headlines. She was linked to Ethan Slater as well while she was still married to Dalton.

    Netizens even noticed her missing ring quite a few times claiming that she separated from Dalton back in early 2023. Recently the couple has been granted a divorce from the court. Here is everything you need to know about their divorce settlement.

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    Ariana Grande And Dalton Gomez’s Divorce Settlement

    The couple, Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez before the divorce via Ariana's Instagram
    The couple, Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez before the divorce via Ariana’s Instagram

    Ariana Grande married Dalton Gomez in May 2021 after dating many big celebrities. The couple seemed happily in love. People used to call out Grande for not wearing her ring in a few of her videos, to which she used to reply it had gone for cleaning. But guess what, the ring is forever gone now.

    Grande and her ex-husband Dalton Gomes have reportedly been granted a divorce after being separated for almost a year. On Tuesday, their divorce was confirmed by a Los Angeles Superior Court. The date of separation is assumed to be in February 2023.

    The pair agreed on the settlement together and Grande is entitled to pay Gomez $1,250,000 and he will not receive any spousal support. Furthermore, Gomez will also receive half of the net payment after the sale of their house and Grande will pay $25,000 of his attorney fees. This is not too heavy of a payment for Grande whose net worth is $200 million.

    Ariana was also allegedly involved in an affair with Ethan Slater and the fact that both of them were married to different people. She was called a ‘homewrecker’ as well. Surprisingly, Dalton and Ariana haven’t spoken on this topic publicly yet.

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    Is Ariana’s New Album On Dalton Gomez’s Alleged Affair?

    Did Dalton cheat on Ariana?
    Did Dalton cheat on Ariana? /via Ariana’s Instagram

    The singer Ariana Grande recently released her new album ‘Eternal Sunshine‘. Amidst her divorce from her ex-husband, fans are linking her new album’s lyrics to her personal life. Although all these assumptions are theories, for now, they certainly seem compelling.

    In one of the main songs of her album titled ‘Eternal Sunshine, same as the album title, the lyrics hint at him cheating on her: “Now she’s in my bed, laying on your chest. Now I’m in my head wondering how this ends.” Well, we can just assume what these lyrics really aim at.

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