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    “I Believe This Is Immoral”: Fans Outraged As Marilyn Monroe Makes A Comeback With Emotionally Equipped AI Chatbot

    Marilyn Monroe is one of the most iconic figures that Hollywood has seen. Even decades after her death, her legacy lives on in the hearts of her fans. With technological advancement is at its peak, artificial intelligence is being used to bring back and create things that are practically non-existent. Marilyn Monroe is no exception to it.

    While she was alive, Marilyn Monroe was continually exploited, be it by her ill mother, her first husband, or the entire entertainment industry. She endured a lifetime of abuse that messed with her mental health, and put her through numerous breakdowns and overdoses. With the recent release of her AI chatbot, many fans believe that her exploitation has only worsened after her death.

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    Marilyn Monroe’s Life Is As Troubled After Death As It Was While She Was Alive

    Marilyn Monroe (Image: Facebook)
    Marilyn Monroe (Image: Facebook)

    Many hearts across the globe broke when Marilyn Monroe died as young as 36 amid a controversial life. Since then, she has been the centrepoint of various films that tried to tell her story. Some of these films were empathetic, while some were extremely provocative. Most of these movies failed to acknowledge her as a brilliant actress, as well as a woman who survived the entertainment industry as she broke the glass ceiling with her acting and the initiative to launch her own production company.

    There are a number of books written about her, but her image has been used only to sell everything from a Mercedes Benz to Absolut Vodka. Her personal belongings were auctioned off in 1999, which is how Kim Kardashian was able to wear what was once a museum piece on the red carpet.

    Everything about Monroe has been capitalized on, right from the sound of her voice to her image. In another similar move, Monroe has been transitioned into an AI avatar after her death. A company called Soul Machines recently unveiled an AI generated Marilyn chatbot.

    In a press release, the AI technology firm stated, “Every interaction is unique. Digital Marilyn analyzes your preferences and tailors a response accordingly, fostering a genuine connection that resonates with you on an individual level. She will engage in natural, fluid dialogue, adapting to your questions and interests in real time, mimicking the human nervous system. This technology allows digital Marilyn to respond with realistic emotions and nuanced expressions, creating a deeply personal and memorable experience.”

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    “This Is Disgusting”: Fans Are Worried About The Morals Behind Monroe’s Chatbot

    Marilyn Monroe (Credit: Facebook)
    Marilyn Monroe (Credit: Facebook)

    While it may look like a tribute to the iconic actress, Monroe’s fans are not quite thrilled about this transformation. Many of them are questioning the morals behind the move.

    I believe this is immoral, should be illegal, and her image right should be stripped from the giant corporation that owns and exploits it,” a social media user wrote on an X post by Variety.

    “This is disgusting,” another one chimed in. “I wish someone, anyone, who had Madeline’s best interests and preservation of her legacy, could purchase her estate bc I’m gobsmacked at how little of a shit her estate gives. As long as it gives them money, that’s all they care about. And that’s exactly what Marilyn didn’t want, ever,” another one pointed out.

    A third one quipped, “Marilyn was a real person who deserves respect, not a character to play with. She would hate this, and I hate this for her“.

    One more said that “it is horrifying and completely disrespectful.” “Anyone involved should be ashamed, and this kind of thing should be illegal,” one person said. While some might look at it as a refreshing update to their favorite actress’s legacy, many others are looking at it like a threat to it and the internet remains divided.

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