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    “I Don’t Like Being Thin”: Sarah Jessica Parker Says She Has Never Liked The Way She Looks But Hasn’t Been Able To Gain Weight

    Hollywood is a place where people strive to be perfect-looking about their bodies and looks. Everybody struggles with body image issues but being petite or thin is considered to be more appealing than being overweight. Sarah Jessica Parker has always been petite but she also hates being thin.

    Sarah opened up about her body image issues. She struggled to accept her petite frame and disliked it most of her life. She prefers to put on some weight and thinks being thin is not flattering at all.

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    Sarah Shares Her Struggles Being A Thin Girl All Her Life

    Sarah during her young days
    Sarah during her young days

    The actress, 59, shared that she struggled to put on weight and she doesn’t “celebrate being thin”, either. During an appearance at theGlad We Had This Chat‘ podcast, Sarah said, “A lot of people have their kind of their cross to bear. I don’t like being thin. And if you met my siblings it’s the same genetic make up, and I don’t particularly think or celebrate being thin.”

    Sarah says that she would love to put on some weight but her body doesn’t work that way. She explained, “I would prefer to have weight but that’s just the way my body works.” Furthermore, she made her debut in ‘Plaza Suite‘ where the physical demands were high.

    She said, “The show was so physical. It was a lot that it was like, honestly hard to keep weight on, you know”.

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    She Had A Very Conflicting Relationship With Social Media Due To The Negative Responses

    Sarah Jessica Parker
    Sarah Jessica Parker

    We all struggle with body image issues. Petite wants to put on some weight, while the overly healthy ones want to be slim. We often scroll through social media and compare ourselves to other people. Talking further about her show  ‘And Just Like That…’ – her ‘Sex and the City’ revival show – back in 2021, Sarah said that she didn’t have a good relationship with social media, due to the negative responses from fans.

    The actress claimed that she has, “a very conflicted relationship with social media, amid a negative response from some fans”. Fans were curious how she deals with such hate comments to which she said that she isn’t very active on social media. She said, “First of all, I’m rarely on social media, [Showrunner Matthew Patrick King’s] not on it at all. I’m on Instagram, and I have a very conflicted relationship with it”.

    She agrees that people have their own opinions, but simply can’t spread hate with whatever you don’t agree with. The actress continued, “Obviously, we’re aware that people have opinions, and there will be peripheral chatter specific to the HBO show”. 

    Sarah added, “We care that they’re engaged and enjoying it, flipped out, upset, thrilled, devastated, but you can’t have a result in mind and then try to back into it with the writing. That would just be awful. And that would be like riding a bike with a gang of ten million“.

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