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    “’I Picked The F***ing Wrong Thing”: John Corbett Reveals Why He Finds Acting Career Unfulfilling Despite Fame And Money

    John Corbett is opening up about the surprising downside of his successful acting career. Despite achieving widespread fame and amassing considerable wealth, Corbett confessed that his journey in Hollywood has been far from fulfilling.

    The star, known for his roles in ‘Sex and the City’ and ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’, shared insights into the creative void that has accompanied his life in the spotlight. Here’s everything the actor said about his unfulfilling journey in the industry.

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    John Corbett Talks About His Journey In Hollywood

    John Corbett
    John Corbett

    Speaking during a recent interview with ‘Fly On The Wall’ hosts Dana Carvey and David Spade, John Corbett spilled a lot of problematic things he had to face in the film industry as an actor. To begin with, the actor described his experience on film sets to be similar to that of waiting rooms.

    “Have you ever sat in a fucking waiting room of a doctor’s office for like an hour and been like, ‘what the fuck?,’. For me, that’s what making a movie is like, because I’m not part of any creative process,” he said.

    John added, “I’ve made a lot of money, I live in a beautiful home, people come to me at every restaurant I go in, I’m a friend of the world. But as far as a fulfilling creative work life, I didn’t write one fucking line. I didn’t write one joke that made people laugh. So it’s been unfulfilling on that level.”

    The actor then spoke about how he chose the wrong profession for himself, asserting, “Look, I’m in the fourth quarter of the football game now, in life and in showbiz. It’s just a fact. So I can reveal now I picked the fucking wrong thing to do with my life.”

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    What Is John Corbett Doing Now?

    John Corbett
    John Corbett

    True to his words, John Corbett has actually stayed away from the industry for quite some time now. The last time he was seen on screen was for the ‘Sex and the City‘ reboot ‘And Just Like That‘, wherein he reprised his role as Aidan Shaw.

    The actor also added in the same interview that he believes he would have had a much more fulfilling career had he gotten into directing and producing. Corbett mentioned Emma Stone‘s work as an example of what might have given him a more satisfying Hollywood career.

    He highlighted some of her recent work as a producer for films like Yorgos Lanthimos’ ‘Poor Things’ and ‘Kinds of Kindness’. Corbett regrets not having encountered that type of scenario in Hollywood.

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