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    ‘Sex And The City’: Why The Iconic Show For Millenial Women Has Become Pure Cringe Now

    Sex and the City’ — the show that taught women of the 2000s about love, friendship, and the importance of a fabulous pair of shoes. For an entire generation of millennial women with their micro eyebrows, Carrie Bradshaw and her crew were the ultimate squad goals and the fashion inspiration. 

    But when you as one of those women dust off your DVDs now or more likely queue up the episodes on Netflix, there will be a Gen Z army giving you side eyes. The nagging question in the air at the moment is: Is ‘Sex and the City’ still as fabulous as we remember, or has it turned cringy with age like the Gen Z reports? So before we get on the nostalgia train and head on for the wrong station, let’s get into the world of cosmos, designer outfits, and romantic slips to uncover why this iconic show is now under the critical microscope.

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    What Made ‘Sex and The City’ Iconic?

    Samantha Jones Sex and the City
    From ‘Sex and The City, Credit/Netflix

    Sex and the City’ was more than just a show for a 30-something woman in early 2000, it was a cultural phenomenon. Set against the backdrop of New York City, the place where dreams come true, it followed the lives of four fiercely independent women juggling careers, relationships, and, of course, their juicer-than-a-ripe peach dating scene. Each character brought a unique but relatable perspective to the show: Carrie, the romantic columnist, Miranda, the sharp lawyer, Charlotte, the eternal optimist (every friend group needs one of these )and Samantha, the unapologetic queen of sensuality.

    What set the show apart was its unapologetic celebration of female friendship and sexuality. In a scene dominated by future classics made of gun and garrison, SATC was a bold take. It broke taboos, discussing topics like casual sex, infidelity, and the complexities of modern romance. Without messing with the cringe claims, I would like to state that  ‘Sex and the City’ was a flag of women’s empowerment, you can take turns shooting your darts at the characters’ choices but you have to agree that they did make $40,000 to spend on shoes. The show encouraged women to shake hands with their desires, pursue their dreams, and above all, cherish their female friendships. 

    Now I don’t know what is wrong with Gen Z fashion but this series was a fashionista’s dream. Carrie Bradshaw served as a style icon throughout the six seasons of the original show from 1998 to 2004. The show elevated fashion to a character in itself, from Manolo Blahniks to statement tutus, it inspired countless closet makeovers and set trends that make comebacks in every other TikTok transition today.

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    Why Is It Being Called Cringy Now?

    Samantha Jones Sex and the City
    From ‘Sex and The City, Credit/Netflix

    As much as we adore ‘Sex and the City,’ looks like it had forgotten to reapply its sunscreen as according to this new influencer generation, the show hasn’t aged as gracefully. The lens of hindsight reveals moments that might make you wince a little. The show’s lack of diversity is glaring. Here is what some new reviews of the old show look like.

    It painted a whitewashed picture of New York City’s very vibrant tapestry and no way in hell that was getting a pass from this Twitter generation. Yes, even by 2000s standards, it was just too drenched in white supremacy. Characters of color often played secondary roles or fell into tired stereotypes. 

    Similarly, the show’s treatment of LGBTQ+ characters has drawn criticism. Carrie’s dismissive attitudes toward bisexuality and the caricatured portrayal of gay men through Stanford and Anthony now feel outdated and tone-deaf. The times have changed and the stories rolled up in those DVDs are still the same, it was almost inevitable. Moreover, certain storylines that once seemed risqué now border on problematic. Samantha’s candid sexuality was celebrated at the time but can be viewed through a different lens today. It raises a lot of questions about agency versus objectification.

    Why Did The 2021 Spin-Off Fail?

    'And Just Like That...' Credit/HBO Max
    ‘And Just Like That…’ Credit/HBO Max

    Now pointing my pen towards ‘And Just Like That’ the much-anticipated 2021 spin-off that aimed to reignite the magic of ‘Sex and the City.’ Unfortunately, lightning didn’t strike twice. HBO Max’s show stumbled in its attempt to capture the zeitgeist of modern feminism and inclusivity. The spin-off kept the original characters and actors who have now aged off the screen and just can’t fit back into that same old shiny box.

    Another major misstep in ‘AJLT‘ was the absence of Samantha Jones, played by the irrepressible Kim Cattrall. Samantha was the unapologetic force of nature who brought levity and sass to the original series. Without her, the dynamic felt off-kilter, leaving a Samantha-sized hole in the hearts of fans. The new show also struggled to bridge the gap between nostalgia and relevance.  

    The OG ‘Sex and the City’ remains a beloved classic, but it’s not without its wrinkles. As we revisit the series, let’s celebrate its strengths while also acknowledging in the footnotes, its shortcomings. After all, like a vintage pair of Manolos, some things are timeless, but some benefit from a fresh perspective.

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