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    “She Seems Special”: Steve Carell Admits He’s A Swiftie After Recalling An Act Of “Genuine Kindness” By Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift‘s fan following is well-established within Hollywood, with many celebrities openly gushing over her talent as well as her persona quite frequently. The latest addition to this list of celebrity Swifties is Steve Carell, who has confessed to his love for the pop sensation.

    ‘The Office’ actor was speaking during his appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallonwhen he confessed his admiration for Taylor Swift. He asserted that Swift has always been a great person to be around, even before she was popular. Here’s what he said.

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    Steve Carell Recalls The “Really Nice First Impression” He Had Of Her

    Taylor Swift at the 'Eras Tour'
    Taylor Swift at the ‘Eras Tour’

    Steve Carell was Jimmy Fallon’s guest on Monday, and being the versatile host that he is, Fallon sparked the conversation by sharing a lesser-known fact about Carell. “You know, I was doing some research about the things that people may not know about Steve Carell, and I read somewhere that you were a Swiftie,” Fallon said. “A Taylor Swift fan.”

    The audience cheered after hearing the host’s declaration, and to add to it, Carell confirmed the claim. “Listen, I met — briefly — I met Taylor Swift. Remember TRL, way, way back. So early on in my career and in hers too, I was obviously much older, but we were both on TRL at the same time,” the actor said, recalling their past connection. 

    I met her sort of in passing and I thought, ‘Boy, is she, she seems special,’ like even back then. Very sweet, very nice. Just had a really nice first impression,” he said.

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    Steve Carell Recalls An Act Of Genuine Kindness By Taylor Swift

    Steve Carell
    Steve Carell

    Further detailing how Taylor Swift was nothing but nice to him,  Carell reminisced about how it doomed him again just a few years after meeting her for the first time. He noted that after she had become a massive star, he stumbled upon a video of Taylor playing guitar for a patient in a hospital.

    Some kid who was recovering from something,” Carell recounted. “There was no big crew. It was like a really low-key, handheld thing that she sort of just did on the sly” he added. Clearly impressed by her genuine kindness, he declared, “I thought, ‘Okay, I’m a fan,’ I am going to root for that person.”

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