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    “I Was Going To Look Horrific”: Sofia Vergara Was Insecure While Filming Her First Ever Sex Scene For ‘Griselda’

    Sofia Vergara has climbed the ladder of success in Hollywood despite the barriers that came along because of her skin color and nationality. While the woman is regarded as one of the most attractive actresses in the industry even at the age of 50, she seems to have some insecurities about her body.

    Now, for her fans, it would come as a huge surprise since Vergara’s looks are one of her top assets. However, she is opening up about the insecurity her skin color gave her while filming her latest project, the Netflix crime series ‘Griselda‘. Here’s what she said.

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    Sofia Vergara Was Insecure About Her Cellulite While Filming The Sex Scene For ‘Griselda

    Sofia Vergara
    Sofia Vergara

    Sofia Vergara recently opened up about a different side of her career—one that left her feeling a tad self-conscious. During a Netflix FYSEE event on Sunday, the Emmy-nominated actress revealed that she did not exactly have a confident outlook while filming sex scenes for the crime drama ‘Griselda’.

    Vergara played the lead in the well-acclaimed show, wherein she portrayed the infamous drug lord Griselda Blanco. According to reports by The US Sun, Vergara admitted that the idea of filming intimate scenes for the show had her feeling a bit out of her depth, despite her successful acting career.

    I don’t think I’ve ever done like, a sex scene,” she said, asserting that her previous roles in shows like ‘Modern Family’ were quite different than her serious role in ‘Griselda‘. “I’m 50! I mean, when I was 30, I wouldn’t have worried. I think I was worried that I was going to look horrific,” Vergara shared.

    She also opened up regarding her insecurities with cellulite and angles. “I was like, ‘Where are they shooting me? The cellulite? From the side.’ Uh, I’m vain I guess. That one kept me awake I think,” she said.

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    Sofia Vergara’s Physical Transformation For ‘Griselda’ Was “One Of The Toughest Aspects For The Whole Show”

    Sofia Vergara in 'Griselda'
    Sofia Vergara in ‘Griselda’

    Though she had ample apprehension about the sex scenes, Sofia Vergara said the final outcome was quite satisfactory for her. She said that director Andy Baiz made her feel at ease during filming. Baiz himself had previously commended Vergara’s commitment to her role, particularly her physical transformation to embody the character authentically.

    It’s really dark and Andy [Baiz], the director, is very artistic and he made me feel super comfortable and he’s like, ‘We’re never going to stay like a long time on you [the camera],’” she said.

    The director also acknowledged the efforts Vergara put into playing her part on the show to perfection. He praised her “physical transformation”, which he acknowledged as one of “the toughest aspects of the whole show.”

    Vergara also admitted that the transformation was quite challenging. “It was in Miami in the ’70s and the ’80s. Getting the look correct was very important to me,” Vergara said. “I needed to disappear,” she added.

    Griselda‘ has been received quite well from the audiences and is currently streaming on Netflix.

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