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    ‘I’m Glad My Mom Died’ – Jennette McCurdy Reveals The SHOCKING Reason Behind Her Memoir’s Title

    Jennette McCurdy, most famously known for her role in the 2007 Nickelodeon sitcom ‘iCarly,’ has had her shares of difficulties owing to child abuse and young fame. The singer, writer, and actress released her memoir, titled, ‘I’m Glad My Mom Died,’ in which she didn’t pull back from dropping bombshells about her hard life.

    The title of the memoir drew a lot of attention. What could have Jennette’s mother done to have made it to the title of her memoir in the most unsettling manner? The memoir revealed many disturbing realities of the author’s life. Scooping the horrific memories from the past was a draining task, yet McCurdy says she’s more confident than ever before.

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    Jennette McCurdy Means The Title Of Her Memoir ‘Sincerely’

    Jennette McCurdy Reveals the title of her memoir 'I'm Glad My Mom Died'
    Jennette McCurdy says only victims of child abuse can understand the title

    On Good Morning America, the actress remarked that even though the title is eye-catching, she didn’t decide on it in a ‘flippant’ way but completely means the title ‘sincerely.’ The 30-year-old actress added that people who’ve been the victims of childhood trauma and abuse will understand and empathize with the title. “While the response might be divided, I really appreciate the positivity that I received from a lot of people,” she said. “I think that anybody who has experienced parental abuse understands this title and I think anybody who has a sense of humor understands this title.”

    Jennette’s mom died of cancer in 2013, and while the actress admits to missing her, she also remarked that this memoir would have never come out if her mother was alive as she would never have stopped dictating her identity. The actress had claimed that she had experienced abuse at the hands of her mom, Debra.

    The ‘Sam & CatActress Was A Victim Of Childhood Trauma And Anorexia

    Jenette McCurdy was experiencing the perils of young fame and eating disorders during 'iCarly.'
    Jennette McCurdy in ‘iCarly’

    The memoir has explicitly detailed the abuse Jennette had to suffer on her mom’s watch. During the actress’ fame owing to the success of ‘iCarly‘ and its spin-off ‘Sam & Cat‘, her mother pressured her with toxic and obsessive behavior. “I start shrinking by the week as Mom and I team up to count our calories every night and plan our meals for the next day. We’re keeping me on a 1,000-calorie diet, but I have the smart idea that if I only eat half my food, I’ll only be receiving half the calories, which means that I will be shrinking twice as fast,” McCurdy shared the harrowing details in her memoir. “Each Sunday, she weighs me and measures my thighs with a measuring tape. After a few weeks of our routine, she provides me with a stack of diet books that I finish quickly… I weigh myself five times a day.

    Her body weight came to such an alarming scale that her doctor expressed the high possibility of her having anorexia. When the doctor asked about Jennette’s diet, her mom denied knowing about any food habits. The actress also claimed that her mother would conduct a “breast and ‘front butt’ exam,” every time she showered. Debra shaved her daughter’s legs till the age of 16. “She gave me breast and vaginal exams until 17 was years old… When I was 6 years old, she pushed me into a career I didn’t want… She taught me an eating disorder when I was 11 years old – an eating disorder that robbed me of my joy and any amount of free-spiritedness that I had. She never told me my father was not my father,” McCurdy wrote.

    Even after the death of McCurdy’s mother, the past trauma kept haunting her and it took a lot of therapy to reflect on her life, and come to this point. McCurdy confessed that she feels ‘confident‘ and ‘ready‘ now.

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