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    “I’m Ready To Beat The F**k Out Of Him”: Jason Kelce Jokes About Hitting 4-Year-Old Daughter’s Crush But His Brother Travis Kelce Has A Better Idea

    Let’s be honest, there’s nothing quite like the love between a father and his daughter. However, that love can get a little protective when it comes to their first crushes. Jason Kelce is the same.  

    On a recent episode of his popular podcast ‘New Heights‘ with his brother Travis Kelce, Jason opened up about his eldest daughter’s newfound crush on a classmate. The two brothers had different ideas on how to deal with the ‘crush’.

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    Jason Kelce Jokes About Wanting To Beat Up His Daughter Wyatt’s Crush

    Jason Kelce
    Jason Kelce

    “It’s fun listening to your kids talk about what they did for their day, who they’re meeting at their little classes,” Jason said. He then added, with a hint of amusement, “Wyatt’s got a crush on one of the boys. You can just tell in the way she talks about him.” Now, this is where the “protective dad” side came in.  

    In a moment that left his co-host (and brother) Travis in stitches, Jason declared, “So I’m ready to beat the f**k out of him!” While the statement was clearly delivered in jest, it did spark some laughter and discussion about the realities and humor of navigating fatherhood.

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    Travis Kelce Had Other Hilarious Plans To Tackle The Crush Situation

    Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce
    Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce

    Thankfully, Travis became ‘the voice of reason’ and steered the conversation in a more lighthearted direction. “Just go after the dad,” he jokingly suggested. “Just be like, ‘Calm your kid down. He doesn’t need to be this cool. He’s only in pre-school!'”

    The advice had Jason doubling down on the joke, yelling out, “I know how these f**kers think when they’re five! I know! I know exactly what’s going through his mind!” All kidding aside, Jason did end the discussion on a sweet note. He shared that Wyatt is receiving “rave reviews” at her school, and credited his wife Kylie.

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