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    Jason Kelce’s Wife Kylie Kelce Makes Her Dazzling Debut At Milan Fashion Week

    Spotlight might not be Kylie Kelce’s preferred cup of tea but when it’s handed down with a warm smile, one tends to take a sip or two. And looks like after getting the taste of it at the Milan Fashion Week the wife of Philadelphia Eagle’s centre is liking it. 

    While NFL star Jason Kelce is all for landing puns and swaying media with his charm, his wife likes to keep it simple. Kylie, who is also a former athlete has shared on many occasions that the spotlight is not her favorite thing in the world. She appreciates the love and support but the overwhelming amount of attention, which the entire Kelce family is subjected to given the Taylor Swift involvement, is not what Kylie can handle.

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    Kylie Kelce’s First Flair At The Milan Fashion Week

    Kylie Kelce and Jodi Kahn at the Alberta Ferretti Fall 2024 runway show Via Instagram
    Kylie Kelce and Jodi Kahn at the Alberta Ferretti Fall 2024 runway show Via Instagram

    Milan Fashion Week experienced a splash of newfound allure as Kylie Kelce made her debut at the Alberta Ferretti Fall 2024 runway show. The 31-year-old graced the front-row seat in a mesmerizing silver velvet suit. Her elegant look was complemented by a matching clutch and chic black boots. 

    To keep the Eagle’s fan company and walk her through the innings of a fashion walk, Jodi Kahn was just beside her. The Vice President of Luxury Fashion, Neiman Marcus, was seated right next to Kylie. Jodi gave her neighbor a shoutout on her Instagram story after the show captioning it. “Bravo @albertaferreti team for seating me next to @kykelce – I’m honored! What a great surprise on day 1 of #mfw.”  

    Returning the sweet gesture mom of three reposted the story adding, “The best seat neighbor for my first ever fashion show! And thank you for putting up with my coughing attack.”

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    Jason Kelce’s Endeavors

    Jason Kelce and Kylie Kelce
    Jason Kelce and Kylie Kelce

    While Kylie basked in the Milanese fashion extravaganza, Jason Kelce continued to make headlines back home with his philanthropic charm. Recently, he laced up for a 5K charity event supporting autism, a cause close to the couple’s hearts. Jason and Kylie have been actively involved with the Eagles Autism Foundation since they got married in 2018. The Kelce couple has been pretty active in the world of charity with their multiple non-profit foundations.

    In 2022, Jason launched the (Be)Philly Foundation which was also a non-profit dedicated to bettering the lives of Philadelphia’s younger generation. Additionally, the Eagle’s player also funds a clothing line, Underdog Apparel which gives 100% of its proceeds to the betterment of children.

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