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    “Is That All You Got?”: Billy Crystal Recounts Teasing Robert De Niro With Skeptical Comments About His Acting Skills

    Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal have long maintained a friendship that many in Hollywood might envy. The iconic duo, which has also been a hit on-screen couple, reunited at Spring Studios’ Indeed Theater in New York City on Friday for the screening of their hit 1999 comedy ‘Analyze This.

    As the two took the stage for a conversation and Q&A moderated by Gayle King, they dug up some old memories, causing a wave of laughter among their audiences. Here’s what the hit stars said.

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    Billy Crystal Recalls His Experience Filming With Robert De Niro For The First Time

    Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal
    Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal

    Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal gave the world some commendable hits on-screen, but the actors also share quite a chemistry offscreen too. As hit as their film ‘Analyze This‘ was, they also ended up developing a great bond behind the screens while shooting it.

    Reflecting on their initial takes for the film together, Crystal shared an anecdote about De Niro, wherein he took him aside early in the filming process. “He whispers because it’s like, mafia guys they speak in whispers because it makes you come to them,” Crystal recalled.

    He recalled De Niro as saying, “Listen. If you see anything I can do funnier, or better, take me aside and just let me know.” To this, Crystal remembered thinking, “Oh my God. What an amazing, generous thing to do.”

    Crystal further revealed that during their first scene together — where De Niro’s mob boss character introduces himself to Crystal’s psychiatrist — he decided to test De Niro’s openness to critique. “I go, ‘Come here. Is that all you got?’ And then we just laughed,” Crystal recounted.

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    “He Was Extraordinary To Work With”: Billy Crystal Reflects On His On-Screen Relationship With Robert De Niro

    Billy Crystal and Robert De Niro

    Billy Crystal asserted that the friendship between him and Robert De Niro led to constant laughter on set. “It’s hard to get through some of the scenes because they’re really funny, and he was extraordinary to work with,” he said.

    In ‘Analyze This‘, De Niro stars as Paul Vitti, a mob boss who suffers from panic attacks, and then reluctantly seeks help from psychiatrist Ben Sobel, played by Crystal. Through a series of comedic misunderstandings, the two polar opposite characters in the film form end up forming an unlikely bond.

    The film was a huge hit, as it topped the box office on its opening weekend and spawned the 2002 sequel ‘Analyze That‘.  Even after the film, De Niro and Crystal have maintained their friendship over the years.

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