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    “It Was A Very Vulnerable Experience”: Demi Moore Talks About Full Frontal Nudity In Body Horror Film ‘The Substance’

    Demi Moore‘s recent film ‘The Substance‘ has created quite a buzz at the Cannes Film Festival 2024. The feminist body horror film directed by Coralie Fargeat shows Moore fully nude in several scenes, along with her co-star Margaret Qualley.

    Speaking about the experience of being a part of the project, Moore said the frontal nudity came off as a challenge while describing it as a “vulnerable experience.” Demi Moore was speaking at the Cannes Film Festival press conference on Monday, when she opened up about her experience. Here’s what she said.

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    Demi Moore Reveals What Helped Her With Her Nude Scenes On Sets Of ‘The Substance’

    Margaret Qualley and Demi Moore
    Margaret Qualley and Demi Moore

    Demi Moore’s film ‘The Substance’ premiered at the Cannes Film Festival this year and received quite an applause for its brilliance. The body-baring feminist film featured some bold performances by Demi Moore as well as her co-star Margaret Qualley. However, Moore said it was not easy to be bare herself in front of the camera.

    Speaking about her experience, Moore said, “Going into it, it was really spelled out — the level of vulnerability and rawness that was really required to tell the story.” She further added that though it was a challenging experience, her co-stars helped her navigate through it. “And it was a very vulnerable experience and just required a lot of sensitivity and a lot of conversation about what we were trying to accomplish,” she said.

    She especially thanked The Maid‘ star Margaret Qualley for being supportive and creating an environment conducive to her acting. “I had someone who was a great partner who I felt very safe with. We obviously were quite close — naked — and we also got a lot of levity in those moments at how absurd those certain situations were,” Moore said.

    But ultimately, it’s just about really directing your communication and mutual trust,” she added. She also said that her dog, Pilaf’s presence on the sets also helped her relax during the filming. Her beloved pet also accompanied her during the film’s premiere at Cannes.

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    What Is ‘The Substance’ About?

    Still from 'The Substance'
    Still from ‘The Substance’

    The Substance stars Demi Moore as a fading celebrity who uses a black-market drug named after the film. This drug is actually a cell-replicating device that creates a younger, superior version of Moore, played by Margaret Qualley.

    Adding a twist to the narrative, Moore’s original, older character is required to share her space and time with this new being, spending half her time dormant so the other can thrive. The film shows the transformation in a very raw pattern, with an intense scene where Moore’s character scrutinizes her own nude body before administering the drug.

    After transformation, Qualley’s character is shown marveling at her new flawless physical form. However, as the plot thickens, Moore’s character becomes disfigured because of the harm inflicted by Qualley’s character.

    Directed by Coralie Fargeat, ‘The Substance‘ has strong feminist themes, which have been explained by the directors during some recent interviews. The film received an 11-minute standing ovation at its premiere on Sunday night, the longest of the festival so far.

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