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    “It Was Really Hard”: Kate McKinnon On Leaving Saturday Night Live

    Kate McKinnon is a name synonymous with ‘Saturday Night Live.’ The actress and comedian was a part of SNL for ten years. In her successful stint, Kate was known for her amazing celebrity impressions and deep character work. It also earned her a Primetime Emmy Award; she became the first SNL actor to win the award since Dana Carvey in 1993.

    After her decade-long run, Kate decided to quit the show this year. She has now opened up about exiting SNL and breaking characters during sketches. In a very emotional interview, the 38-year-old actor talked in detail about how hard it was for her to quit the show. She mentioned that the members of SNL were like a family.

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    Kate McKinnon Opens Up About Exiting SNL

    Kate McKinnon
    Kate McKinnon

    Kate McKinnon talked in depth about her departure from ‘Saturday Night Live‘. In a recent interview with Vulture’s “Good One” podcast, the comedian broke down several times.

    She talked about discussing her exit with SNL creator Lorne Michaels, “Telling Lorne was really hard. He knew it was coming. He was very sweet. But he has been a father figure to me, and so much more.

    McKinnon added, “It was just really hard — simple human emotions, not wanting to say goodbye to something you love.” While crying, the actor said, “This is fresh. It only happened two months ago.”

    The ‘Ghostbusters‘ actress also opened up about breaking characters in sketches. “I felt ashamed, because we’re not supposed to, and there’s something unprofessional about it.” She added, “And yet sometimes it was just too fun.”

    Kate Had Earlier Talked About Why She Left SNL

    Kate McKinnon
    Kate McKinnon

    Kate McKinnon joined Saturday Night Live in 2012 and left it in May this year. She has enjoyed a massive fan following for her celebrity impressions like Justin Bieber, Hilary Clinton, Ellen DeGeneres, etc.

    The actor is also the show’s longest-tenured female cast member. Pete Davidson, Aidy Bryant, and Kyle Mooney also left the show at the end of season 47.

    McKinnon recently talked about the reason for her leaving the beloved show. “I thought about it for a very long time, and it was very, very hard.”

    The comedian then added, “All I ever wanted to do in my whole life was be on Saturday Night Live, so I did, I loved it, I had the best decade, and then I was just like, my body was tired, and I felt like it was time.”

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