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    Sydney Sweeney Hosts ‘Saturday Night Live’ With A Jab At Cheating Rumors

    The hottest diva of Hollywood, Sydney Sweeney finally makes her hosting debut at ‘Saturday Night Live’ this Saturday. The actress was seen in a teasing promo earlier this week with Michael Longfellow and now you can watch her tear apart false accusations with scissors of humor.  

    The 26-year-old actress is currently engaged to Jonathan Devino, a businessman and also the co-producer of Sweeney’s hit rom-com Anyone But You. The movie stars Sydney and Glen Powell and their on-screen chemistry gave rise to rumors that Sydney and Glen have a beyond-the-set romance going on.

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    Sweeney’s ‘SNL’ Monologue

    Sydney Sweeney hosting SNL (Image:NBC)
    Sydney Sweeney hosting SNL (Image:NBC)

    The multi-talented actress had the opportunity to do the funniest thing at the SNL comedy gig and she took it. Before diving into her well-versed and equally funny skits, Sydney started her monologue with the “Cr*ziest rumor” she read about herself. She stated the rumors, “that while I was filming ‘Anyone But You,’ I was having an affair with my co-star Glen Powell.”

    Finally addressing the year-long questions she said, “That’s obviously not true. Me and my fiancé produced the movie together and he was there the entire shoot. I just want to let everyone know that he’s the man of my dreams and we’re still together and stronger than ever.”

    Now getting to the funny part, the host began, “He even came here tonight to support me, Can we cut to him?” Guess who the camera cuts to? Yes, it was Sydney Sweeney’s rumored boyfriend Glen Powell but she knew that.  “Yeah, no, that’s not my fiancé. He’s in my dressing room!” 

    This is not the first of the conversations about the duo’s steamy chemistry. Last year as well, the cast of ‘Anyone But You,’ told People that there’s nothing romantic going on between them but the extra attention is good for the movie. Sydney said, “I mean, we sold a rom-com. We were just filming a fun, amazing movie.”

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    Sydney Sweeney: A Rising Star From Giving Studio Tours To Owning A Production Company 

    Sydney Sweeney (Image: SNL)
    Sydney Sweeney (Image: SNL)

    There’s no debate that Sydney Sweeney has emerged as one of Hollywood’s brightest stars. Apart from her breakthrough moment in HBO’s ‘Euphoria,’ Sweeney has expanded her repertoire with roles inReality,‘ ‘Americana,’ and now the rom-com hit ‘Anyone But You.’

    The actress has even stepped into the MCU with her Madame Web’ a pretty big leap from her job at Universal Studios, which didn’t lie about as she confirmed in her monologue. The actress listed it as another one of the cr*zy rumors she read online.

    “I once said that I used to work at Universal Studios and then someone online accused me of lying about that, which is i*sane. If I didn’t work there, how would I know all the Universal characters, like Shock, The Monions and Harry Porter,” the actress joked. 

    Looking ahead, Sweeney’s horror film ‘Immaculate’ is also highly anticipated as it marks her first-ever self-produced project in which she even cast both her grandmothers. The actress revealed on a recent episode of ‘The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon’ that she took them to Italy with her as extras, they’re the ‘Little Old Nuns’.

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