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    Watch: Sydney Sweeney Shows Off Her Rom-Com Antics In ‘SNL’ Debut

    Saturday Night Live just released the promo for their upcoming episode and guess who’s hosting it. The new rom-com queen Sydney Sweeney is all ready to charm the ‘SNL‘ audience after a pretty pale performance of her ‘Madame Web’.

    The 26-year-old actress started her reign with HBO’s ‘Euphoria’ and is currently riding the high of her Anyone But You’ success. After the box office win of this epic rom-com, there was one hiccup in Sweeney’s success streak. Marvel’sMadam Web’ starring Sydney turned out to be a colossal box office failure.  

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    Sydney Sweeney’s Super Cute ‘SNL’ Promo

    Sydney Sweeney (Image: SNL)
    Sydney Sweeney (Image: SNL)

    In the ‘SNL‘ promo, we can see Michael Longfellow engaging in a classic meet-cute scenario with Sydney Sweeney. Longfellow used a reference from his favorite book while attempting to lock a date with the diva. However, Sweeney playfully shatters his heart by walking away. This fun promo hit the spot of intrigue while setting the tone for the upcoming episode hosted by one and only Sydney Sweeney. 

    The actress may not be accepting hearts on the comedy stage but that’s because she’s been dropping many in theatres. Glen Powell-starrer ‘Anyone But You’ which is also produced by Sydney brought back the era of rom-com. The movie is a great box office hit and part of the credit goes to the chemistry between Powell and Sweeney. 

    The executive producer is in love with her work family and it shows. She shared, “We would just burst into laughter. There’s so much love amongst everyone. I feel like this entire cast will be family for the rest of my life.” Powell also emphasized the importance of not taking things too seriously, that’s how lighthearted rom-coms are born.

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    Sydney Sweeney’s Multi-Faceted Career

    Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell (Image: Anyone But You )
    Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell (Image: Anyone But You )

    With her ‘SNL‘ debut impending let’s reflect on Sydney’s multi-faceted career that is growing by the weekend. Sweeney has a shining and full resume as she’s not just another actress in the sea of one. Some of her titles include producer, actress, author, and actress and she also works on vintage cars. 

    Not just these, Sydney is also pretty good at studies, a business major at college she graduated high school with a shining GPA and a valedictorian cap. The perfect phrase to summarize this amazing person is, ‘Beauty with Brains’ for Sydney Sweeney is one.

    With the ‘SNL‘ promo offering a delightful taste of Sweeney’s comedic side, fans are eagerly waiting for this Saturday. 

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