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    Sydney Sweeney’s ‘Anyone But You’ Surpasses Box Office Collection Of Brie Larson’s Marvel Film

    Anyone But You‘ brought back the long-lost magic of rom-coms. Loosely based on William Shakespeare’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing‘, the film starts with Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell along with Alexandra Shipp, Darren Barnet, Rachel Griffiths, and Hadley Robinson.

    Despite having a minimal budget, ‘Anyone But You’ has managed to surpass the box office collection of this particular Marvel Cinematic Universe film, putting it to shame.

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    Anyone But You’ Surpasses The Box Office Collection Of ‘The Marvels’

    The Marvels and Anyone But You
    The Marvels and Anyone But You

    Brie Larson’sThe Marvels‘ has managed to taint the iconic Marvel label. The 2023 film was criticized for its script and also underperformed at the box office, making it the lowest-grossing MCU film. Despite the budget of $270 million, ‘The Marvels’ failed to impress the fans and recently was beaten down by Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell’s Anyone But You.

    With a budget of only $25 million, the rom-com turned out to be a sleeper box-office hit, with a collection of $200 million, while ‘The Marvels’ managed to collect only around $199.7 million at the worldwide box office. The franchise’s fanatics are disappointed with the inconsistency that is being offered to them, hoping only ‘Deadpool and Wolverine’ to save the crashing MCU.

    While one of the X users pointed out that ‘Anyone But You’ outgrossed ‘The Marvels’, the other users chimed in saying that Sydney films deserved the praise especially because it its plotline and sizzling chemistry between the actress and Glen Powell.

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    Is Brie Larson Giving Up Her Role As Carol Danvers Following ‘The Marvels’ Failure?

    Brie Larson starrer-'The Marvels' proves superhero fatigue with low pre-sales record
    ‘The Marvels’

    Despite investing a huge amount, only to be beaten down by a rom-com whose budget is not even half of ‘The Marvels’, it is such a shameful revelation for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While Brie Larson has become a household name of Carol Danvers, her role was highly appreciated in ‘Captain Marvel’, as well as ‘Avengers: Endgame’.

    After the box office failure, and a lot of criticism from the fans, Larson’s reprising the role seems highly unlikely as the actor gave a hesitant answer during the interview with EW. When asked about her future in the franchise, Larson replied, “I never saw myself doing something like this, mostly because I like being anonymous. I like disappearing into characters, and I always felt like if I was out in the public eye too much, it potentially limits you in the future.”

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