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    Jennifer Garner’s New Boyfriend John Miller Is A Keeper Unlike Ben Affleck

    Hollywood heartthrob Jennifer Garner seems to have found her peace in the arms of a much steady romance. Stepping away from her turbulent marriage with Ben Affleck, Garner is now sailing through calm waters with her new beau John Miller.

    Anyone who’s been keeping up with the Garner-Affleck knows that the last few years of this holy union weren’t exactly out of a movie script. But time is a wondrous thing, the more you give it to a situation the more it starts to make sense. Now Ben is happily married to his former love Jennifer Lopez and Garner is finally getting the soft love she deserves.  

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    Jennifer’s New Man Is A ‘Keeper’

    Jennifer Garner and John Miller
    Jennifer Garner and John Miller

    After having her fill of the glitter and glamour-filled high-profile romance, Garner is now basking in the sunshine of a lowkey romance with John Miller. Unlike the flashbulb-lit past with Ben Affleck, Jen and Miller like the simplicity of life. This new couple is not one for red-carpet appearances they like their love life private and cozy. 

    According to TouchDaily a source close to the ‘13 going on 30’ actress said, “They have a good time together, and they keep the relationship guarded.” After the very public and messy divorce with the ‘Batman’ actor, “she does everything in her power to protect John’s privacy,” said the source.  Adding that Jennifer feels  “relieved”  that he’s “different from Ben..In Jen’s eyes, John’s a keeper.”

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    Jennifer Garner’s And Ben Affleck’s Messy Divorce

    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner
    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

    The former power couple got married in 2005 after meeting on the set of ‘Pearl Harbour’ in 2000. The stars had three beautiful children in their 13-year-long marriage which ended in a divorce in 2018.

    Just like most celebrity divorces, this one was also messy and very much in the spotlight, which explains why would Garner want to keep her current relationship private. 

    The rumored reasons for divorce ranged from Ben having an alcohol addiction to him cheating on Jen with their nanny. In any case, the couple called it quits and Ben moved on with his former fiance JLo.

    The couple got married in 2022 in two ceremonies. Garner has been in an unconfirmed relationship with her keeper man John since her divorce. The former couple gets together for their children from time to time, so it looks like the fire has cooled down.

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