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    “Shocked To Antsy To Deathly Quiet”: Jennifer Garner Recalls Mark Ruffalo Wanting To Quit ’13 Going On 30′

    Can you imagine the iconic rom-com classic ‘13 Going on 30’ without Mark Ruffalo? And neither could Jennifer Garner, thanks to her we have our comfort comedy with the perfect pair of Jenna and Matt.

    51-year-old Jennifer Garner has unveiled some behind-the-scenes gems from the making of her iconic 2004 movie ‘13 Going on 30.’ Mark and Jennifer have been great friends since their onscreen pairing and even reunited for more projects after that. 

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    Mark Ruffalo’s Near-Exit From ’13 Going On 30′

    Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo for'13 Going on 30'
    Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo for’13 Going on 30′

    Lights, camera and dance-floor drama! The ‘Family Switch’ star spilled the beans on a memorable moment during the making of 13 Going on 30‘. While honoring Mark Ruffalo at his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony, Garner cheekily revealed the ‘Avengers’ star’s brush with near-panic.

    Apparently, during the first rehearsal of the iconic ‘Thriller’ dance scene, Ruffalo went from shock to anxiety, and finally to a deathly quiet state, contemplating his exit from the rom-com. In Jennifer’s words, “Mark went from kind of shocked that we actually had to do this, to antsy, to a deathly quiet, to, ‘Bro, this is not for me.'”

    “I wonder if these esteemed ladies enjoyed Mark’s anxiety as much as I did,” the actress joked. 

    Garner’s play-by-play of  Mark’s dance floor adds a hilarious note to Ruffalo’s rom-com legacy. ‘The Hulk’ actor ultimately decided to put his dancing shoes on and stick it out and everything worked out fine. 

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    Mark And Jen’s Rom-Com Chemistry 

    Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo
    Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo

    Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo’s camaraderie and chemistry extended far beyond the movie set. The ‘Poor Things’ star, who teamed up with Garner again in the 2022 Netflix film ‘The Adam Project,’ credited her magical presence and their wonderful chemistry for keeping him attached to ‘13 Going on 30.’

    In past interviews, Ruffalo has openly praised Garner saying, “It was Jen Garner, who is just magical.” Garner, always the witty co-star, humorously added in her speech at Ruffalo’s Hollywood honor, “Honestly, I don’t know what you would’ve done without me. Thank God I showed up. I have got to be here to honor and elucidate rom-com Ruffalo.”

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