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    “It Was Just A Wonderfully Passionate Relationship”: Kate Hudson Defends Her Marriage With Chris Robinson At The Age Of 21

    Various Hollywood celebrities remain friends or on good terms even after a breakup or a failed marriage including Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt or Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr. Similarly, Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson share a good relationship even after their split years ago.

    Kate married Chris at the age of 21 and during a podcast, she revealed that she doesn’t regret their marriage. She reflected on their good times together and was at peace while talking about her past with him.

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    Kate Hudson Reveals Details About Her Marriage To Chris Robinson

    Kate Hudson and Chris
    Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson

    Looking at her marriage of seven years, Kate Hudson doesn’t have any regrets about marrying Chris Robinson and then separating. During a podcast with Call Her Daddy, she talked about her first love, whom she married at the age of 21. The actress said, “I didn’t question it for a second.” 

    The Fools Gold’ star continued, “We were so connected. And Chris taught me so much about love, and connection. It was just a wonderfully passionate relationship”. Even though the actress was just 21, she doesn’t consider it a mistake. She added, “I look back at my entire life at this point, and I feel like I might have gotten it right.”

    She was at her highest during that point in life. Her career was soaring heights and she was happy with him. Kate reflected, “So when I met Chris, it’s like when my career is taking off, it was also a time that could have been a whirlwind and instead I was in this very grounding, loving relationship.”

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    Kate Hudson Knows The Art Of Sharing A Good Relationship With Her Exes

    Kate and Chris
    Kate and Chris

    Kate Hudson seems mature about her exes and about her past. Even after their split the actress, 45, doesn’t think of love as something borrowed. Kate continued, “At the end of the day, I believe you love someone—if you loved them once, you really love them in some way forever.” 

    She explained, “Even if you can’t stand them, if you really loved them, if it was pure, you’ll love them through anything. Maybe not romantically, but that will always, always be there.”

    Kate is open-minded about such topics. She doesn’t have any beef with her exes and even their partners as well. She is often seen talking about her exes in the interviews. During one of her interviews with Allure in 2015, Kate talked about relationships. She said, “Relationships ending are painful, and you can choose to carry that or you can choose to reframe it.”

    Kate continued, “If Matt and I had a great relationship, we would still be together, but we chose to move on because we had different visions of how we wanted to live our lives. That doesn’t mean, though, that we can’t rebuild something that would be the best thing for the kids.” 

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