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    “Legal Advantage Or Pettiness”: Why Gerard Piqué Is Not Returning Shakira’s Grammys?

    Shakira is one of the most popular singers of our time. Often referred to as the Queen of Latin Music, she is also one of the best-selling music artists of all time. Lately, the ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ singer has been in the news for her separation from Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué.

    The couple was together for nearly 12 years and shares two sons. It has been a while since their separation and Gerard still hasn’t returned Shakira’s Grammy Awards. Is he going to use them as some sort of bargaining chip?

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    Gerard Piqué Is Not Returning The Grammys Of Shakira

    Shakir was living in her Spain house with Gerard and their sonn, tax agency accuses her of unpaid taxes
    Shakira, with her ex-husband Gerard Piqué and their two sons

    Shakira and Gerard met in 2010 when she was filming the music video ‘Waka Waka‘. The two then got into a relationship that lasted for 12 years. But it seems things are getting messy after their separation.

    According to Radar Online, one of the pop star’s most prized possessions is still with him; her three Grammy Awards and 12 Latin Grammy Awards. Journalist Jordi Martin has recently made these claims in public.

    In Piqué’s office, in Kosmos (his production company), Shakira’s Grammys are still exposed. He hasn’t returned them to her,” he said.

    He pointed out that Gerad might use them as a bargaining tool for co-parenting agreements of their two sons. All this has really affected Shakira. “She just wants what’s best for the kids and is trying to keep them away from hearing and seeing all the negative things in the news about her,” a source said.

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    Gerard Is Dating Clara Chia Marti Now

    Shakira, Clara Chia Marti and Gerard Pique
    Shakira, Clara Chia Marti and Gerard Pique

    Gerard quickly got into a new relationship right after his separation from Shakira in June. He is currently dating a woman named Clara Chia Marti.

    Reports suggest that Chia is a student of Public Relations (PR). She has also worked for Gerard’s film and TV production company Kosmos which specializes in event management.

    She is the founder, CEO, president, as well as chairperson of the board of directors. The couple was snapped kissing in the stands at the Summerfest Cerdanya festival in Catalonia, Spain, on August 19. Clara, who is 23 years old, is 12 years younger than her boyfriend.

    Meanwhile, the custody battle for Shakira and Gerad’s sons seems to intensify as time progresses. We can hope that they resolve their issues without trouble.

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