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    Liam Neeson Trashes ‘The View’ Hosts For Making Interview Weird And Uncomfortable

    Liam Neeson is an Irish actor hailing from Northern Ireland. He has starred in many hit movies and has played memorable roles in ‘Taken’,Silence‘, ‘Widows‘, and so many more. He is also well-known for his theatrical performances such as his role as Matt Burke in ‘Anna Christie‘.

    Being a popular actor, Neeson is accustomed to going on talk shows and giving interviews. But after a recent interview, Neeson confessed that the experience was very uncomfortable and that he did not enjoy the ordeal. What happened on the talk show and why was Liam Neeson uncomfortable? Read on to find out.

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    Liam Neeson’s Bad Experience On ‘The View’

    Liam Neeson
    Liam Neeson

    Liam Neeson went on the talk show ‘The View’ on February 15 to promote his upcoming film ‘Marlowe’. The film which stars Diane Kruger and Jessica Lange is Neeson’s 100th movie. The segment including Neeson was supposed to be focused on his career leading up to the 100th film.

    But the interview quickly deviated from the topic on hand as there were numerous callbacks to host Joy Behar’s crush on Neeson. The interview quickly turned sour as many crude remarks were passed such as Whoopi Goldberg mentioning Behar’s crush in the starting minutes of the segment, saying “You talk about him so much!”

    Another cohost quipped “Joy Behar wants to be taken by you” referencing his movie ‘Taken’. Joy quickly added a very creepy remark and said, “I will find you, and I will kill you.” Following this, Whoopi tried to steer the conversation toward the film. But it didn’t last long and very quickly the topic returned to Joy Behar’s crush on Liam Neeson.

    The episode also included a video montage showing all moments on the show when Behar talks about Neeson. When the video ended, Neeson looked embarrassed and to get out of the awkward situation, he said,” So you received the checks?” trying to make fun of the situation but one could clearly see how uncomfortable the actor was.

    The show also had a segment where the ladies discussed the Valentine’s Day cards that they received from the actor. Behar could also be heard saying that she wants her ashes to be spread over Neeson.

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    Neeson’s Confession After The Interview

    Liam Neeson
    Liam Neeson

    In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Liam Neeson revealed how he was uncomfortable during the entire ‘The View‘ interview. He said that he was excited to be on the show and that when he was watching the show before his segment, he was very intrigued by the discussions about gun violence in America and even congratulated the ladies for their thoughtful discussion.

    The actor admitted that soon after his segment started, he felt it went downhill. He said, “And then our segment starts and it’s just all this BS with Joy, and Liam Neeson, and having a crush, and I’ve known Whoopi for years and Joy a little bit, but I just wasn’t impressed.”

    Neeson also added how uncomfortable he was discussing Joy’s crush on him. He also remarked how he later talked with one of the hosts Sunny Hostin and the conversation was intelligent and meaningful, and how their conversation was the complete opposite of the TV segment.

    Neeson went on and termed the entire incident as ‘complete BS’ and ‘very embarrassing’. Even people who watched the entire segment didn’t like the exchanges between the hosts. One commenter even wrote that if the same thing had happened to a female actor, there would have been more outrage. Another wrote about how male objectification is real and it needs to stop.

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