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    The Reunion Of Angus T. Jones And Charlie Sheen In ‘Bookie’ Is A Great Fan Service For ‘Two And A Half Men’ Fans

    It’s been eight years since ‘Two and A Half Men’ aired its finale episode. During the season of reunions, the cast of the series was also seen celebrating a small reunion for a new comedy show.

    Created by Chuck Lorre, ‘Two and a Half Men’ starred Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer, and Angus T. Jones until Sheen got into drug rehabilitation and was removed from the show. Sheen was the replaced Ashton Kutcher and years later the on-screen Harper brothers have reunited in Chuck Lore’s upcoming comedy series. 

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    Angus T. Jones And Charlie Sheen Share Laughs In Chuck Lorre’s New Show

    Angus T.Jones And Charlie Sheen
    Angus T. Jones And Charlie Sheen

    Shoveling the feud in the grave, Chuck Lorre reunites ‘Two and a Half Men’ stars Charlie Shwwn and Angus T. Jones in his upcoming comedy show ‘Bookie‘. Talking about the past, Lorre reflects on the pain and pride of creating the show and finds happiness in working with Sheen and Jones again, just like the old days. 

    In a recent interview with TV Line, the producer explained the surprise ‘Two and a Half Men’ reunion between Charlie Sheen and Angus Jones in Bookie. He also addressed his former feud with Sheen. Chuck Lorre recollected how “painful couple of years” were during the original show, though reuniting for ‘Bookie’ provided the chance for “healing.”

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    The ‘Two And A Half Men’ Reunion In ‘Bookie’ Explained

    Charlie Sheen in Bookie
    Charlie Sheen in Bookie

    During the first episode of ‘Bookie’, Charlie Sheen plays himself, who hosts a weekly poker game and one of the players on the table is Jones played by Jake Harper. The poker scene with Sheen and Jones in ‘Bookie’ is a reference to the poker game from the ‘Two and a Half Men’ pilot, which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary.

    Furthermore, ‘Bookie’ also features a few more characters from ‘Two and a Half Men’. Charlie’s girlfriend Chelsea also plays the role of a hysterical woman played by Jennifer Taylor. 

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