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    “Love Of My Life”: Lily Rose-Depp Seemingly Confirms Her Relationship With 070 Shake In A Birthday Tribute

    Lily Rose-Depp is the man of the hour! She has been making headlines for her role as a popstar in the controversial HBO drama ‘The Idol.’ The series experienced a major overhaul when Sam Levinson came on board to helm the project. The critics and audience are accusing it of hyper-sexualization, which the narrative aimed to satirize. But the first shot of the premiere episode was so effective that Lily outshone it in her first mainstream television project.

    Along with her professional life, Lily Rose-Depp has been the talk of the town for her relationships. Her personal life came into the spotlight even before the actress appeared in the limelight. Lily’s most high-profile relationship was with Timothée Chalamet. The two met on the sets of ‘The King.’ Since then, they have been spotted on various occasions together, including smooching on a yacht holiday. Timothée and Lily parted ways in 2020, and a new relationship blooming in the actress’ life. While the rumors are going wild that she is dating 070 Shake, the couple seemingly confirmed their relationship.

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    Lily Rose-Depp Poses For A Mirror Selfie With 070 Shake For A Birthday Tribute

    Lily Rose-Depp uploaded a selfie on 070 Shake's birthday
    Lily Rose-Depp uploaded a selfie on 070 Shake’s birthday

    It is always lovely to see people in love! Lily Rose-Depp is surely in love, and she is not shy displaying it for people. After breaking up with Timothée Chalamet and having a kissing moment with Austin Butler, rumors started swirling that Depp is dating a musician named 070 Shake. The blind item site, Deuxmoi, started the rumor.

    After the blind item, 070 Shake and Lily Rose-Depp were seen deeply in love during Paris Fashion Week. She made it Instagram official by sharing a picture with the artist, writing, “4 MONTHS W MY CRUSH.” ‘The Idol’ actress and the musician shared a kiss at the LAX airport after Lily arrived from the Cannes Film Festival.

    She has confessed her love to 070 Shake in an Instagram Story on June 13, 2023. Lily shared a picture where her beau wrapped her arms around Depp in a mirror selfie with the flash on and the caption, “Happy birthday love of my life <3” In another adorable picture, the artist is holding her sock-covered feet on her chest.

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    Who Is 070 Shake?

    Danielle Balbuena is a rapper
    Danielle Balbuena is a rapper

    070 Shake’s real name is Danielle Balbuena, she is of Dominican descent born in New Jersey. Danielle was keen on music since childhood, but she also dabbled in basketball. During her high school days, she was part of a band called ‘070.’ In 2018, she went solo and released her debut EP titled ‘Glitter.’

    So far, 070 Shake has released two solo albums, and she has opened for artists like Coldplay, 1975, and others. Kanye West’s label, G.O.O.D Music, has signed her. Before dating Lily Rose-Depp, 070 Shake was dating the R&B singer, Kehlani. The artist was featured in the latter’s music video for the song ‘Melt’ from her album, ‘Blue Water.’

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