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    Matthew Perry Once Glued His Hands To Stop Himself From Consuming Drugs, The Aftermath Was Horrific

    Matthew Perry‘s death has been one of the most shocking celebrity demises that grappled his fans all across the globe this year. While people still recover from the grief it brought, newer revelations about his life and struggle with his drug addiction are coming forward.

    The ‘Friends’ actor was fairly open about his struggle with drug addiction and worked actively to help others like him. While he tried very hard to get rid of it himself, details revealed by his family and friends after his death showed how painful it was for him. In another such detail, Perry’s ex-girlfriend has come forward with some facts that give us an insight into his painful journey.

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    Matthew Perry’s Girlfriend Recalls The Horrific Night And What Followed

    Matthew Perry dies on October 28 this year. (Image: Instagram)

    Matthew Perry was found dead in his Los Angeles cottage on October 28 this year. He died at the age of 54 because of ketamine overdose, as clarified in his autopsy reports that came later. The actor was on medication for his addiction, and ketamine dosage was a part of it.

    Having seen Matthew’s struggle closely, Kayti Edwards, his ex-girlfriend, opened up about his desperate attempt to get rid of his drug use. Revealing a rather heartwrenching detail, Edwards said that Perry had glued his hands to his knees once in 2006, to stop himself from consuming drugs.

    I was at Matthew’s place in the Hollywood Hills. He was in a bad way,” she said during an interview with the UK Sun on Saturday. “He had been getting high all night on a plethora of drugs, most likely crack cocaine and other substances”

    I found Matthew on the couch with his hands superglued to his legs — it was desperately sad. I had to use nail polish remover and olive oil to free him,” she said, recalling the horror of that night.

    We were literally ripping the hair from his legs and he had red, raw patches left behind, it was pretty horrific,” she said.

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    Edwards Had Made Allegations Against Perry Back In 2020

    Kayti Edwards has dated Matthew Perry in he past. (Image: Instagram)

    Edwards has spoken about Perry’s struggles with addiction before his death as well. In a 2020 interview, she had made some harsh allegations against Perry. She claimed that he had forced her into picking up drugs, including cocaine, heroin, and crack, while she was pregnant.

    I was like five months pregnant going down and getting stuff for him. He [would say], ‘No one’s going to pull over a pregnant girl. Don’t worry,’” she recalled.

    She also spoke about Perry’s death last month, asserting that it could not be accidental drowning, as was being speculated until the autopsy reports came. She was proven right after the autopsy report revealed that Perry died from the “acute effects of ketamine.

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