Kylie Jenner to Taylor Swift : Most Followed Hollywood Celebrities on Instagram

The celebrities you follow the most on Instagram.

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From breakups to new relations, it is only through Instagram we get all the information about our favorite celebrities. Since we are so invested in celebrity lives, why not look at some of the most followed Hollywood celebrities on Instagram?

Here is the list of most followed Hollywood celebrities on Instagram

Kylie Jenner (295 million)

With 6,819 posts and 295 million followers, Kylie Jenner tops our list of most followed Hollywood celebrities on Instagram. This business mogul rose to fame through the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians

She is on her way to becoming a billionaire soon enough if her cosmetics business remains at this pace. Hence, she is number 1 on our list of most followed Hollywood celebrities on Instagram.

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Ariana Grande  (286 million)

This American singer has had everyone floored with her amazing voice and high notes. Her recent album Positions which got released in 2020 garnered a lot of attention as 7 Rings became a number 1 song on Billboard Hot 100. 

She also became the judge of The Voice and is receiving the most love from the audience. 

The Rock (286 million)

Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is a former professional wrestler turned actor. His movies are nothing short of fun and filled with adventure. He does give proof of his strength every once in a while on Instagram which is a sight to see. 

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Selena Gomez (285 million)

Selena Gomez has been ruling our hearts ever since we saw her on Wizards of Waverly Place. A successful musician and an actor, she has been vocal about mental health and depression on Instagram. 

Kim Kardashian (275 million)

Who doesn’t know about Kim Kardashian and her successful billionaire empire? A center of attraction in controversies, she recently divorced the famous Kanye West. 

Beyoncé (228 million)

The Queen Beyoncé. No other word can describe her better than Queen. She rose to fame with Destiny’s Child and has been unstoppable ever since. With 2013 posts and 228 million followers, this Queen is here to slay. 

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Justin Bieber (212 million)

No one on this list has ever been in as many controversies as Justin Bieber. His song Yummy took over Instagram in no time. Everyone was making Reels on it and it smashed the charts too. 

Kendall Jenner (209 million)

Another Jenner in our list but this one is a supermodel. With her sleek, chique, and flattering body, a runaway is always incomplete without her presence. 

Khloé Kardashian (208 million)

If you ever want to take fitness inspiration then Khloé is your girl. Although she has forever lived under the shadows of her big sister Kim, she has made a name for herself in the industry. Moreover, you should definitely follow her for her child, True Thompson. 

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Taylor Swift (194 million)

With her 10 minutes long single All Too Well (Taylor’s Version), Taylor Swift has become the number 1 singer on Billboards list yet again. She has always been under the public’s radar because of her songs about her exes. 

Jennifer Lopez (189 million)

This Latino singer does not seem to age. She looks as young as she did in her 20s! People are gushing over her romance with Ben Affleck and they are all the more in love ever since they reunited. 

Nicki Minaj (167 million)

It’s pretty clear that people follow musicians all the more for their music. Nicki Minaj is honest, direct, and does not hold back. She believes in body positivity and her Instagram says it all. 

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Kourtney Kardashian (157 million)

The last Kardashian member and the eldest of all, Kourtney has been more in the news due to her engagement with Travis Barker. This surprising couple is all over social media with their PDA. 

Miley Cyrus (156 million)

Hannah Montana has ruled our hearts since it first aired on TV. Ever since that, there is no holding Miley Cyrus back. With her raspy voice and unconventional personality, she says that she has finally found herself. 

Katy Perry (146 million)

Can any celebration ever be complete without Fireworks by Katy Perry? From California Girls to Electric, this musician is known for her quirky dressing sense and honest opinions. 

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