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Parental Approval! Travis Kelce Attends Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras Tour’ Concert With Her Father After She Attended His Games With His Mother

Taylor Swift has set the music industry ablaze with her serenading music and the mega-blockbuster ‘Eras Tour’. The tour is all set to become the highest-grossing tour of all time. Apart from thriving professionally, Swift’s personal life is no less than that of a romantic film! She has found love in the Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce.

It all started when Travis Kelce was unhappy that Taylor Swift did not meet him after the concert because he wanted to share his number. After making the first move, the media and the NFL started teasing him over Taylor. Travis then made the ultimate move by inviting her to one of his games. During the game in September 2023 against the Chicago Bears, Travis and Taylor made their relationship official. Taylor cheered on Travis with his mother, Donna Kelce, and now Travis has made it to Argentina to support Taylor with her father, Scott Swift.

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Travis Kelce Attends Taylor Swift’s Argentina Concert With Her Father

Travis Kelce and Scott Swift at Taylor Swift's Argentina concert
Travis Kelce and Scott Swift at Taylor Swift’s Argentina concert

It was not confirmed whether Travis Kelce would attend Taylor Swift’s three-day concert in Argentina. But a source confirmed to Page Six that Travis will attend the concert, and “he has to be back on Sunday for practice on Monday.” Travis was seen with Taylor and her father, Scott Swift, at a restaurant in Buenos Aires, enjoying a private dinner.

Later, during the concert at the Estadio River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires, Travis Kelce was seen with Taylor Swift’s father, cheering for his beautiful girlfriend while she serenaded the Swifties. In a video, he was seen enjoying the music with her father beside him.

Taylor was singing ‘Karma’, and as he heard the changed lyrics about him, he was taken by shock and smiled throughout! The lyric change was, “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs, coming straight home to me.”

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Taylor Supported Travis Kelce During Kansas City Chiefs Game With His Mother

Donna Kelce and Taylor swift reunite at another Travis Kelce's game
Donna Kelce and Taylor swift reunite at another Travis Kelce’s game

In September 2023, during the Kansas City Chiefs game against the Chicago Bears, Taylor Swift was in the VIP suite with Travis’ mother, Donna Kelce. The two were cheering for Travis. After the second game, Taylor was seen again with Donna during the Denver Broncos game, which the Chiefs won 19-8. Swift also interacted with his father, Ed Kelce.

During an interview with Today, Donna Kelce talked about the surge in the interest of people in their lives. She said, “Every week, it’s like something new. Like, really? I feel like I’m in some kind of an alternate universe. It’s really strange. But it’s fun— it’s a great ride.”

Though Donna finds the attention a little annoying, she is content with her kid’s happiness. She added, “At times it gets a little annoying, but most of the time people are just so sweet, so kind, so generous. What mother doesn’t want to hear that their kids are great?”

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