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    Rebel Wilson Reveals A Royal Family Member Invited Her To A Party With Drugs And Orgies In 2014

    Rebel Wilson has gained some heavy prominence in the news, especially after the release of her memoir, ‘Rebel Rising‘. With the stir that she has already caused by spilling the beans about many controversial events in her life, the star has now revealed another secret that has to do with the royal family.

    Ahead of her book’s release, the actress talked about a lot of issues including the sexual assault allegations against Sacha Baron Cohen, and losing her virginity quite late at the age of 35. Besides the interviews, she also revealed several secrets in her book. The 44-year-old actress recounted an event in 2014 where she was invited to a rather controversial party by an unnamed royal.

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    Rebel Wilson Reveals The Details Of The Royal’s Party With Drugs And Orgies

    Rebel Wilson
    Rebel Wilson

    Rebel Wilson has done it again with another headline-hitting news as she revealed in her recently released memoir ‘Rising Rebelthat she was invited to a party with drugs and orgies by a royal family member. Wilson described him as the “fifteenth or twentieth in line to the British throne.”

    In her book, Wilson has detailed how she was urged to attend the party to balance the gender ratio. It was after she reached there that she realized the party has some unconventional offerings.

    I got thrown a last-minute invite to a tech billionaire’s party – the guy who invited me, who’s like fifteenth or twentieth in line to the British throne, had said to my male friend, ‘We need more girls,” the book reads. She did not reveal the location of the party though she clarified it was a ranch just outside of the Los Angeles area.

    Rebel said the party was medieval-themed, and so she had dressed in a “buxom damsel outfit complete with cone hat.” She said the party “was a vibe.”

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    Rebel Wilson Has Made Several Revelations In Her Memoir ‘Rebel Rising’

    Rebel Wilson
    Rebel Wilson

    While she was at the party, Rebel Wilson’s experience took a shocking turn after she realized that what she thought was candy being passed around was actually “molly,” a recreational drug. Rebel, she learned of alleged plans of an orgy, after which she immediately left the event.

    While it remains unclear who this alleged royal family member is, fans are now curious about his identity. However, the actress has name-dropped many celebrities in her book, including Sacha Baron Cohen, claiming he behaved improperly on the set of the 2016 film ‘The Brothers Grimsby’

    She also recalled feeling “scared” after Cohen allegedly suggested she appear naked in a scene. While Wilson’s revelations have stirred controversy, Cohen’s representative has denied the accusations.

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