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    “Shame On You!”: Internet Slams BAFTA Awards For Snubbing Late Actor Matthew Perry From Awards Ceremony

    2023 has been an important year for Hollywood – for both good reasons and bad. While there were many exceptional Hollywood productions to celebrate this year, there were also some poignant moments when fans across the globe had to bid a tearful goodbye to their favorite actors. Hollywood lost many great stars this year, but the most significant one was ‘Friends’ actor Matthew Perry who died because of Ketamine overdose.

    Perry’s death left the entire industry in shock. The legacy he left behind as an actor and a human being stays on even after his death. While his fans across the globe are still mourning his demise, they were greatly put off when 2024 BAFTA Film Awards overlooked him during the Sunday ceremony.

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    BAFTA Awards Completely Overlook Late Actor Matthew Perry During Awards Ceremony

    Matthew Perry (Image: Getty)
    Matthew Perry (Image: Getty)

    The BAFTA Awards concluded a dazzling ceremony on Sunday is a high-profile star-studded event. However, the Awards are facing heavy criticism on social media from Matthew Perry fans for overlooking him and his contribution during their In Memoriam segment.

    Best known for his role as Chandler Bing in the iconic sitcom ‘Friends’. The actor, who died recently in October 2023 at the age of 54, was not included in the tribute. Apart from his roles in ‘Friends’ as Chandler Bing, Perry was also well-known for his quite open struggle with drug abuse.

    Matthew was very vocal about his struggle with his addiction and tried his best to help others like himself. Though he was found dead in the bathtub of his cottage, initial reports did not detail the reason for his death. It was later concluded to be the result of excess Ketamine dosage, which his doctor said, was a part of his treatment in limited quantities.

    Perry’s death was widely mourned across the globe with celebrities as well as fans expressing their grief. The actor was also given due mention during the award shows this season. The Emmy Awards also mentioned him in their In Memoriam segment. But BAFTA completely ignored the late actor, sparking outrage among fans.

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    “Bad Form, BAFTA!”: Social Media Shows No Mercy To BAFTA For Overlooking Matthew Perry

    Tribute to Matthew Perry during Emmys (Image: Getty)
    Tribute to Matthew Perry during Emmys (Image: Getty)

    Social media users stormed Twitter and other platforms with disappointing remarks. “Shame on you @BAFTA for not acknowledging @MatthewPerry,” a user wrote on X with crying face emojis. “No mention of Matthew Perry in the #BAFTAs memorial?! Bad form @BAFTA,” another one said.

    Only came to make sure I wasn’t the only person saddened at the glaring omission by @BAFTA of #MatthewPerry during the in memorandum tributes! #BAFTA2024. I’m pleased to see it’s not just me!” a fourth one quipped. Another X user posted a GIF of Perry’s ‘Friends’ character, Chandler Bing, saying, “You can’t make this stuff up” in the comments section.

    BAFTA was quick to respond to the criticism. “Matthew Perry will be remembered in this year’s TV Awards ceremony,” BAFTA’s official handle tweeted, and shared a link to the academy’s online tribute to the actor. The academy then faced criticism for the apparent oversight in not including Perry, who also had a notable film career in addition to his iconic television role.

    The 2023 Emmy tribute featured a photo of Perry as Charlie Puth performed ‘See You Again’, transitioning into the ‘Friends’ theme song.

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