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    Suki Waterhouse Finally Reveals The Gender Of Her And Robert Pattinson’s Baby

    It’s a Girl!!! Sorry to spoil it without any butter and jam guys but can you blame me? Coachella, Friday night, and Suki Waterhouse stepped onto the stage to drop a bombshell that could rival the festival firework display, I couldn’t contain the excitement. 

    So, it’s finally out in the air, the ethereal princess and the sparkling spawn of satan, I’m talking about Robert Pattinson (Edward) welcomed a baby girl earlier this year! The couple had been keeping it hush-hush since the birth made headlines last month. But leave it to Suki to choose the California desert as the perfect backdrop for their big reveal. Talk about making an entrance—baby announcement edition!

    Suki Waterhouse’s performance at Coachella marked her return to the spotlight since becoming a mother. The 32-year-old singer talked about a life changeling addition to her family. The actress said,“I love amazing ladies and I’ve been very lucky to have my own little amazing lady and meet the love of my life.”

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    Suki Waterhouse’s Postpartum Gratitude

    Gender reveal by Suki Waterhouse at Coachella
    Gender reveal by Suki Waterhouse at Coachella

    Before the new Mama took it upon herself to make the Coachella stage her gender reveal party, she had paid tribute to her postpartum body on Instagram. Reflecting on the “fourth trimester,” she shared about the transformative experience of new motherhood. The ‘Good Looking’ songstress expressed pride in her body and the grace she’s afforded herself during recovery.

    The announcement of their baby’s gender follows Suki’s recent social media debut of their little girl. In a sweet polaroid, the popstar mom lovingly cradled her swaddled angel, welcoming her to the world with a touching caption, “welcome to the world angel ❤.”

    Suki Waterhouse and Robert Pattinson’s relationship has been a source of swoons floating around the internet since the beginning, which was 2018. Since then the couple has fed the fans iconic red-carpet moments, and little insights from their private relationship. The news of their engagement hit the headlines back in December and was confirmed by ET

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